Doing Germany book 2

                                                    by Agnieszka Paletta


Yep! that’s right the lovely lady that brought us DOING GERMANY has come back with you guessed it Doing Germany book 2

Agnieszka Paletta was born in Poland, raised in Canada, fell in love with Italy then moved to Germany.

DOING GERMANY book two  has all the sarcasm, wit and humor as the first.  Though not as new to her new surroundings in Germany . It’s still fun watching her head spin with the differences in culture not only between her first homeland Poland and Germany but even more when compared to her Canadian home. Personally I’d have preferred a title like “Still Doing Germany” but hey what do I know. Regardless it’s a fun read.I’m a big fan of doing germany 2this subtle type of humor. As the last book saw Agnieszka grow from the clubbing Toronto single lady to dutiful wife. We see her in this book metamorphosing into a MOM and anyone of you new moms know that ain’t easy.Her idea of excitement now is staying up till 11:00 playing a board game(on her Birthday)

The lady is a very engaging writer. A very enjoyable read especially for someone  that’s been in her shoes either as a new Mom or maybe even someone getting used to a new Country.

So like I said once before It’s a fun book written by a woman with an obvious sense of humor and most of the fun is made of herself so your laughing at her as well as with her.

She still hasn’t divulged her Hubby’s name, we only know him as “M”. Maybe volume 3.

For now check out our review of book one right HERE

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Agnieszka Paletta (née Mroszczyk) was born in Cracow, Poland, in 1978.

When she was 9 years old, her family moved to Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the Agnieszka PalettaUniversity of Toronto with a double-major in English and Criminology. Many jobs followed, both in North America and in Europe, with no sequential relevance or career logic. Prior to becoming a mother and an author she held numerous jobs ranging from waitressing to software implementation in fields varying from publishing to IT. Anything and everything in order to pursue adventure, travel and a restless spirit.

Currently being a stay-at-home mom is her most important job, but it has also allowed her to pursue her dream of not just reading a mountain of books but actually writing them. Her first book, DOING GERMANY, became a bestseller on Amazon. The sequel is already out while the third installment is in the making.

At present she makes her home in Wörth am Rhein, Germany, with her husband and children

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