Kellie come alive                     Two very enjoyable books for the kid’s

Let’s start things off with “Kellie at Come-Alive Cottage”…Strange things going on at Come Alive Cottage! When we first meet Kellie Culpepper,a little girl that is going to stay with “Aunt Kitty” While her Mom and Dad are off to Africa exploring ( because that’s what Culpepper’s do) Danger at come alive cottage

Now Kellie never did meet Aunt Kitty before and Mom did after all warn Kellie that aunt Kitty was a bit unusual.You see Aunt Kitty is a “bit” of a witch. No no no. Don’t worry not one of those mean ugly witches (although she does have whiskers). Aunt Kitty’s house is called Come Alive Cottage. Why Come Alive Cottage you ask? Well it seems Kellie’s aunt has a problem controlling  her magic spells. Which all leads to a fun little book with fun surprises,and a sometimes a confused or perplexed Kellie as she gets to know her Aunt and get used to living with talking flowers and water faucets that don’t like their “noses” squeezed.   Only 47 pages it’s perfect for a new reader to keep interested or a nice bedtime read.



AND NOW…let’s move on to Danger at Come-Alive Cottage…book 2 in the series by Wendy Unsworth

I can’t say I really like the title here (sorry Wendy) There just doesn’t seem to be any danger here. Maybe Confusion? Craziness? This time around Kellie goes back to Come-Alive Cottage only to find  Aunt Kitty has a visitor.None other than Kellie’s other Aunt. Aunt Sillime, (Mom’s other sister) Unlike Aunt Kitty Sillime does not have any magical powers,which is probably for the best , you see Aunt Sillime has her own problem’s. Things just don’t seem to go as planned.I’d say she has a bit of “Ameilia Bedelia” complex.Then when you put her in the same room as Aunt Kitty watch out. Good thing Kellie is there to help sort things out.

The second in the series is every bit as good as the first.Again the perfect book size for the young reader.The story is fun,entertaining and the character’s very likable. It will easily keep the kids interested in what happens next.
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