Ellie Sparrow


                   and the Great Fire

                        of London:

           A Sizzling adventure story  

                       for girls ages 9-12


Every kid has a spark. A light, a fizz, a flash of brilliance. And like every kid, Ellie Sparrow has all that spark – she knows HERO is an action word. Ellie’s story offers VIP access to London at a time that is both fascinating and heart breaking. You’ll get to eat the food of the time, find out how people lived and died, and meet a courageous woman who did business in a man’s world.

 Finally, you’ll be whisked away to the court of King Charles II and learn his great dilemma. Will he be persuaded to stop the execution of an innocent man? Despite the wishes of powerful Londoners who are baying for blood.

I hope you enjoy reading Ellie’s first adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it.

                                                          Claire Vorster


Ellie Sparrow’s summer is heating up fast! This 12-year-old girl just stumbled upon an ancient secret which adds up to a whole lot of trouble. Now she must fulfill an age-old promise as she becomes helplessly swept up in lives and events surrounding the Great Fire of London.

 Forced to live on her wits, Ellie will discover new friends and powerful enemies in the famous city of London. When the Great Fire catches hold, Ellie’s world will shift again. Difficult choices will have to be made, choices that will lead her to the court of King Charles II. Can Ellie’s presence be the key to saving the life of an innocent man?

                                     Ellie Sparrow and the Great fire of London



I think my favorite Genre has always been Historical Fiction. Even as a kid I dove into books like John Jakes Kent Family Chronicles. The book we have here “ELLIE SPARROW and the GREAT FIRE OF LONDON” is just that. A Historical Fiction story for kids . I think boys and girls would like it even though it’s kind of geared towards girls. Now if I wasn’t a Yank from New York I probably would have known a little more about the Great Fire of London way back in the 1600’s .To be honest I really never heard of it.. So this book was a bit of a learning experience.

Our heroine in the story is an every day ordinary 12 year old girl named (you guessed it) Ellie Sparrow. Ellie is happily living in modern day London, when she is magically transported back in time one day before the great fire. She meets a few interesting people and quickly gets involved in their lives.

The story offers quite a bit of action and fun information about the times and how people lived back then. Certainly you learn about the fire.Where it started and how the city survived. Unfortunately you’ll also learn It seems politics may not have changed much in over 300 years. They authorities right away need someone to blame and tat creates an other mess for Ellie to get involved with.

It’s a great book for middle grade kids. It’s Education, not just about the fire but about helping others and finding the inner strength in your self to do so. Oh yeah a very fun read too!




 Here is the first chapter for you folks

                         Chapter 1
                    Into The Darkness
It fell upon us like madness. Whirling, roaring, splintering, blazing
madness. The first to catch fire was Josiah’s butchery, though no one had
the time or words to mourn his loss. For a moment we stood like stone,
staring into the face of a screeching monster.
It wants to eat us up, quick as a flash. Like a thousand wolves or a
starving army.
These flames will not be stopped by water, leather buckets and axes. They
are many and they despise us. They scorch and fume at our determination to
stand and fight.
The fire teased and hissed, leapfrogging one building only to turn back
with full force and engulf it. Then lead windows melted, glass boiled and the
place tumbled. Like a ragdoll discarded by an angry child.
“We must go,” I tugged at Mrs Lyon’s arm, coughing on the acrid smoke.
Mrs Lyon turned to face me, tears leaving tracks in the smoky grime of her
“Where will we go?” she said as if in a daze.
“Towards Westminster,” I implored. “The fire won’t take Westminster.”
We ran. I gripped Dan’s hand,
Mrs Lyon followed. The smoke covered us
like a shroud leaving barely enough oxygen for our overworked lungs.
“Dan, Westminster,” I coughed “you must get us there.” Now the fire was
playing a manic game of Hide and Seek. We would gulp down a lungful of
fresh air only for the pall of smoke to fall again. It was disorientating,
bewildering chaos.
“Not far now,” gasped Dan, hesitating as we navigated the deadly gloom. I
could see lighter skies ahead. Maybe we could escape? But as we turned the
next corner everything was menacing, more ferocious.
“We’ve no choice,” Dan was grim faced. “The only way is through.”
We bolted forward, ducking and dodging, clambering over and under.
“I have to stop,” Mrs Lyon clutched at her throat, “can’t breathe.”
We paused and a moment later from far above I heard a creaking, a
groaning and a tearing. It sounded like the cry of something lost. I looked up
to see a huge piece of jagged, blackened timber falling inevitably towards us.
“No,” I screamed throwing myself at Mrs Lyon and Dan. I pushed them out
of the way with all the strength my tired limbs could muster. Then everything
around me spiraled like a crazy spinning top. After that, there was nothing but
blackness and I felt no more


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