Eli The Minnow and the Coral Cave Adventure ; by David Sterling Illustrated by Tony Thunder a book review

eli the minnow This is the first in a new series by David Sterling about a little Fish named Eli. A cute little book with very colorful illustrations and characters.A small paperback with only 36 page,the pictures alone will keep the kids interested.
The coolest thing about this book is that the kids will actually learn something while reading it or having it read to them.It’s full of positive messages for young Children and they should easily relate to Eli and his friends. The group of fish friends have to learn how deal with the big bully of the group,deal a fear and scary situations. They also realize that it’s easier to overcome great obstacles when you work together.Also It’s not always the biggest and strongest that can be the hero .
Now “Eli the Minnow and the Coral Cave Adventure” is not just about the positive message it sends. It is a very fun book for young children and the Illustrations are top notch.The characters are quite unique from Eli to big bad Ralph (not quite sure what type of fish he is) to prissy little Starlett the Starfish who seems very worried to be stranded in Coral Cave without her Lipstick
(and I didn’t even know Starfish had lips).

………………………………………………………………Who Knew!

Eli is available Here


  1. Looks super cute!! I really like the cover art! Thanks for sharing the review on Kidlit Bloghop!
    -Reshama @Stackingbooks

  2. Love Eli with the glasses! Nice review. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

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