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This book is another book in the series:  When I grow up I want to be…. By WIGU publishing.  I have read and reviewed a few of these books previously.  Each book that I have read, I have enjoyed.  These books are well written, teaches children about different careers, where each book has many facts of that career and how that person in that career is a hero or helps make a difference in our world today.

This time, I read:  When I grow up, I want to be…A firefighter!  In this book, there is a little boy Will who certainly did not want to be a firefighter and is afraid of firefighters.  When his teacher announces that they are going to take a field trip to a fire station, Will frets the trip and tries to see how he can get out of going.  Why is Will afraid of firefighters?  “Firefighters are huge, they wear masks, gigantic coats and boots and they run out of the fire swinging axes.”  So when Will goes on the field trip, does he change his mind about firefighters?  Will learns why they wear the scary gear.  Wills gets to see a firetruck and goes up onto one.  He gets to take a tour of the fire station, learns about how they put out fires and about the many other jobs of firemen.  Besides the fictional storyline, there are pages that feature many facts about firefighters including:  a diagram of a fireman’s suit, a map of a firehouse, shows pictures of many different types of firetrucks and why they are used and also includes a fact sheet of the many other ways a fireman is a hero in today’s world.  Another reason this book is great, because it has a home fire safety checklist for parents and children to review in their own home.  The book also has a page and picture of how the parent and child can make a fire escape plan in their own home.

This book also is good at addressing fear and how it is okay to have fear.  The book shows kids that fears can be overcome and shows kids that you can’t be a firefighter if you are not afraid of fire.  Why?  Fire is dangerous and has a discussion how the fireman are taught to face their fears so that they can help others.  One of my favorite lines in the book is when a little girl raises her hand and asks the fireman if he has ever been afraid of fire.  His response:  “Absolutely, you can’t be a firefighter if not.  Fire is dangerous, but I am more afraid of someone getting hurt than I am of fire.”

Read this book today with your child!

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