A Planet

                            in Peril 

Book One The Pathfinder
Donna L. Goodman  and Illustrated by Luisa Faletti

  We all have to be more considerate to this world we live in at this moment in history. Donna L. Goodman has written ‘EcoMasters: A Planet in Peril’ that has this as a general theme – Ecology. ‘EcoMasters’ is a young adult novel that shares with us that it is important to learn how to communicate Ecomasterswith each other to solve various kinds of issues about ourselves and the environment we all live.  This is part one of a series that will involve a group of environmentally conscious girls from all over the world .They work to solve various environmental problems . The first one is very important to all of us.The issue of climate change brought to us in a way kids will understand.The importance of taking care of our environment. For the next generation and beyond. This new series looks to be a great way to educate young minds.

The main characters of Coral and her dog named Peeve seem to have a way to find people that have other special gifts. Gifts that will when they all get together will work things out for all of us.

 Luisa has drawn pencil sketches to give a small insight into what is happening at the beginning of each chapter and throughout the chapter. My favorite part is the use of water and how it is used. This is a story of the basic elements of life . As the reader I could feel the angst and the happiness of all the characters from the relationship of Coral and her Dad to when Coral meets up with her new friends.  There are a lot of interesting points that the story brings and I cannot wait for more of the series. ‘EcoMasters’ would be a good book for middle school Science and Social studies. Teachers could the book to teach or just to introduce the basics of ecology and how it effects the society as a whole.


Book Summary


On this blistering day in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave in NY, deeply held secrets of the past are disclosed to Coral. Breaking open the shell of her cloistered upper class Manhattan reality, to reveal the mysterious truth of her mother Sophia’s disappearance so many years ago, dissolving into time as if it were only yesterday. A gift, neatly wrapped, at her doorstep becomes the first clue in an unfolding breathtaking global adventure transporting Coral to find her new teammates in some of the more remote corners of the world to fulfill her destiny. As ‘pathfinder’, Coral’s quest to find the others, will lead her to experience colorful cultural settings, perils and opportunities for inspiration all over the world.

Coral is full of brilliance and courage. She instinctively understands that the Ecomasters hold the key to the future of humankind on our planet. She does not always know how to engage with her peers and has very limited travel experience, resulting in a number of lighthearted blunders and cultural snafus along the way. The challenges faced by Coral, Hope, Angoori and Phonepasit are similar to the challenges of every reader. Girls, and boys all over the world today have a deep inner understanding for why they are here. But can use ‘real-life’ role models who make mistakes and get messy while getting the job done is key!

ISBN:  13: 978-1-7357256-1-1
Isabella Media Inc.
196 pages

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