This book was one of those books that caught me by surprise.  The book is written in a way that it feels like you are right there with the character, especially if you are a mother.  This is a must read for all mothers.  I would recommend this book especially to moms who gave birth to a preterm baby.   As a mother, I was able to relate to this book very much.  I have a beautiful five year old who I love very much.  Although, my postpartum experience was slightly different than Jess’s, (the main character in the book) I felt like I was right there re-living some of my postpartum period.  Alyssa, (my daughter) was not preterm, but I felt that I could identify with many other joys, struggles or just with the roller coaster of emotions that Jess faces in this book.  This author is a gifted writer.  She tells the emotional story of motherhood and fully describes the postpartum period for woman today.  Motherhood is a very happy time, but there are also many new changes that mothers go through after the birth of a child, with some changes that are hard to adjust to at times.

In this book, Jess (the main character) just gave birth to a preemie baby, who was born three to four months early.  Jess goes through a difficult time adjusting to all of the changes and challenges with delivering a preterm baby.  Naturally, giving birth to a preterm baby is scary for any mother.  A mother worries about the baby being able to survive on his or her own with being born a few months before full term.   Jess is going through all these changes and is worrying about her preterm baby’s survival and is also having relationship troubles with her fiancée and with her sister.  (You’ll have to read this book to see if Jess and her fiancée and her sister overcome these relationship difficulties.)   Because her baby is preterm, her baby needs to stay a few months in the hospital for extra care.  Jess is living at a nearby hospital dorm for mom’s and one Dad.  Jess bonds with the other moms’ at the dorm and also gets a little close to the one Dad staying at the dorm.  This book is very detailed, where you learn every bit of Jess’s experiences including her joys and struggles as a new mom with a preemie and how she gets through this time!  Jennifer Gilby has written a very emotional and heartfelt book that woman whether  a mom or not will enjoy!
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