Doonsey’s Beach Adventure, The Great Rescue Written and Illustrated by Rhonda Paglia




This is a book about a happy and playful little crab: Doonsey who loves the beach.  This crab especially likes to explore the beach.  He finds shells, takes in the smells and sights of the beach.  His day of exploring turns into a day of rescuing and meets some girls, boys and creatures called beach buddies.  What is a beach buddy?  Well read the book with your child or grandchild and find out!

This is a cute little book that will bring a smile to a child’s face.  The pictures are great and yet so real that you feel like you are exploring the beach with this little crab.  This story is filled with imagination and adventure.  The author’s writing style makes you feel like you are a part of the crab’s adventure and on this warm sandy beach!  Want to escape this winter?  Pick up this book and imagine that you are on this beach with Doonsey the crab in his beach adventure!

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  1. Doonsey says, “Wow!!! Thanks so much Bookroom Reviews! That was a super-wonderful fun book review!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed my beach adventure! I didn’t even know what a Beach Buddie was until I went exploring! If you visit Grammy Pags Stories website,, you will see that Grammy made an activity and coloring book all about my Beach Adventure. There’s matching and counting and coloring and even more knock knock jokes. Thanks again!!” love Doonsey and Grammy Pags

  2. Aw… thanks for your recommendation – that looks like a very sweet book. Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

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