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Do you consider yourself a savvy shopper? A coupon clipping, online deals searching shopper? Always on the lookout for great sales , markdowns , The best online coupon sites?  Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. You are not the only one desperately searching for the best deals or the best coupons OR the best way to stretch those hard to earn Dollars.What these other deal seekers have done that you may not have done is discover a website called dealspotr.

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What’s so special about dealspotr? To start it’s not just another coupon site. Oh no it’s just so much more. It might better be described as a community of the savviest shoppers on the internet.They like to call themselves the “Wikipedia of online deals” It’s those very same shoppers and online deals seeking experts that find these deals and post them online for everyone to share. With over one million deals seekers per moth visiting this site there is a very very good chance you will find something to make it worth you while.

Recently added to their site is a forum section. Within this forum section you can talk to other members about anything of interest.If you’re haveing a problem with something,maybe finding deals or even how to post your own deals there is someone there to help.


It’s actually quite cool the way it all works. First off you can shop for your favorite deals by categories like Fashion, Groceries and drugs to sporting goods and more. Or if this isn’t your style  search by  your favorite store like Macys,Best Buy,Target or maybe you like to find the best restaurant deals. Dealspotr has them all! (or at least a pretty large number of them) What I really like is the “My Feed” aspect . By setting up your FEED you pick what you’re  interested in.Your feed is tailored to your own likes and taste.Mine consist of places like Starbucks,KFC, McDonalds, Best Buy and Dicks Sporting Goods,Ok so shoot me I like fast food. You can set yours up any way you like. High Fashion ? Sure why not. Anything you like.

The best thing about joining this community is you not only save those precious dollars, and with these online deals you have the opportunity to actually make A few bucks.Once you join this 30,000 member club you begin to work your way through the hierarchy. You start at the Bronze level or status and as you add deals and coupon codes you may have found you will advance to Silver and then Gold status. As you advance through each level you earn more and more perks including Cash and Gift cards. Basically you earn points along the way. How do I earn these points you ask? Well you earn points by firstly posting deals you find. Coupons or coupon codes or sales. If you refer new members,by doing this you can also earn 10 percent of the points they may earn while they are members.Become a dealspotr and earn even more. That 10 percent becomes twenty. Plus as an influencer you can offer your new referrals a five dollar credit.

So being the savvy deal seeker I know you are maybe instead of heading to the mall with all those gift cards Santa gave you , maybe should head on over to  to stretch those hard earned dollars because in short    Dealspotr is a more reliable, faster deal site that pays you to share deals

So with nothing to lose and dollars to save why not give it a shot…

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