Frostbite by Julia Dweck



Frostbite is here just in time for the upcoming winter season and holidays!  This is a cute book with a great story that will warm the hearts of any child!  Julia writes a very imaginative story with colorful pictures that bring the story so much alive!  This is the second book that I read by the author and I loved both books!  She writes in such an imaginative and creative style that will spark the young reader’s imagination.

In Frostbite, a little boy wants a dog, however mom says no.  One winter day,  the boy goes out to play and the snow starts to bark.  Could there be a dog hidden in the snow?  The boy builds Frostbite, with snowballs as his body, twigs for his front and hind legs, an a pine cone for his nose and acorns for the nose.  Suddenly the dog becomes alive!  The boy and dog play and play in the snow, laughing and just having a good time!  But then,  mom calls for the boy to come inside but he can’t leave frostbite outside by himself!  Does he bring the dog inside, Yep!  What happens next?  Read the story with your child and find out!  You won’t be disappointed by this book!  Just a cute and great little book for kids!



  1. This sounds like a really cute book. I have read a few books by this author and have never been disappointed. She has a great style of writing that my children and I really enjoy.

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