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I don’t really want to delve into the world of politics here on Bookroomreviews *BUTDonald and the Golden Crayon is hilarious! It’s not really a critique of Donald Trump because most everything the story here eludes to are words and phrases that actually came out of the mouth of Donald Trump. Yes, and as you must know he knows a lot of words the best words actually.

If you have a friend or family member of a certain political persuasion you really need to get this book into their Christmas stocking. We all know the classic Harold and the PURPLE CRAYON well now we have Donald Trump and the Golden Crayon.

This is really funny stuff.  It uses all the best words. I love books. Great books. I don’t like bad books. People tell me I’m a great reader of books. The best. But, this book. It’s funny, OK? You should read it, believe me. Be smart, buy this book. Don’t be a loser. Help make picture books great again. Other picture books are weak. This book is much better than those other books. This book is fantastic. Amazing. Probably the greatest ever. I don’t know. That’s what people tell me. You’re going to win so much with this book you may get tired of winning. So much winning. It’s going to be a terrific success. Huge. Believe me.

This is a 48-page illustrated political satire Donald and the Golden Crayon [Schiffer Publishing, September 28 2018], author P. Shauers showcases the world of President Trump as he uses his golden crayon to create his own reality (which the rest of us are just living in). From nuclear buttons to North Korea to Russia, climate change and the infamous wall, Donald’s adventure in Donald and the Golden Crayon is full of mishaps, winning, and lots of secret doors.

This is without a doubt one of the funniest books I’ve seen in a while- Believe me !!!and sadly it’s all based on the best words that comes out of Donald Trumps mouth.



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