Before we get to the review I must tell you a short story. A few weeks ago my 4 year old Granddaughter (Alyssa) brought me into her bedroom saying ” I have to show you something”. She points to her window and says “that looks like a monster”. You see outside her room is a huge maple tree. At night the streetlight casts the tree’s spooky looking shadow onto her window shade. About a week later I’m at the house in the morning (so Mommy and Daddy can go to work) Alyssa wakes up comes and jumps up onto my lap and proceeds to tell me about Woo Woo’s Dream’s. Woo Woo happens to be her little stuffed puppy she sleeps with. It seems Woo Woo dreamed about purple Dinosaurs and big red monsters.As to who really had the dream I dont know because Woo Woo only talks to Alyssa. It does however reinforce the fact that dark places do bother kids.    Sir stan

Which is  exactly what The author (Stacie Morrell) ask– Do dark places bother you? As the saying goes You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe in this case you can. The first thing that drew me to this little book was the great artwork on the cover. Open the book and it gets better . I like how the little girl’s doll and HER stuffed animals seem animated and mimic her actions (just like Woo Woo). I wonder if our Artist or Illustrator (Elizabeth Berg) is a Beatles fan.To me Sir Stan looks a little like John Lennon with the round glasses,long pointed nose and even a shaggy Beatles haircut.

The writing style Stacie uses is perfect. She writes in the rhyming style that works so well with these types of children’s books and she seems very good at it.Sir Stan IS the Bogeyman and of course we’ve all heard of the bogeyman.Kid’s see him in the in the dark corner’s of their rooms. They see  him in the closets ,under their beds . They are just plain scared of the dude.

But have you or anyone ever looked at this from the bogeyman’s point of view? Is he just misunderstood? Does he really want to be so scary? Does he have a story to tell? Poor Stan, nobody ever gave him a chance. He’s been wandering the dark for years, maybe centuries.Every time he does appear children run away , hide under their covers, call for Mommy. Until one brave little girl sees something in the corner of her bedroom.What should she do hide under her covers and force herself to sleep.No! She confronts.”Who are You” She calls.Now that is what Sir Stan was waiting for , Just one person to give him a chance to tell his story and one little girl to listen. To hear his story you’ll have to read the book but I guarantee your child will love the book and might even learn a few things about scary things that lurk in the dark and maybe about living with consequences if they are ” a little bit naughty”…lets us know what you think
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