Billy Joins the Circus,

        a Music Audio Story

                 by Anna Christina


It has been a while since we saw one of the Music Audio Stories with Anna Christina. We sure did miss them. I loved her original Music Audio Books. But now it seems she has branched out and published her first Hardcopy. This new addition to her creations is entitled “Billy Joins the Circus”.  The great thing about this is now you can read along with Anna as she narrates the story. The story is not just narrated. The characters in the story are all acted out the same adorable way they were in her earlier audio books. Listen along as the characters come to life.

I know the kiddies will love the sing-along. The songs are fun and easy for the kiddies to sing along to.

And get this! When you order the book it comes Gift wrapped! Why? Well to quote Anna “I think it adds an element of excitement for children and it’s lovely that parents can buy a ready-made gift for their little ones “

Billy Joins the Circus is wonderfully and colorfully illustrated by the very talented Jenika Ioffreda. The pictures will definitely keep your children interested in meeting Billy and his friends.

These stories by Anna are great for preschool and Kindergarten age kids. Also, would be a great addition to any classroom for younger children.


Part of a series of five books and Music Audio Stories titled, ‘Storytime with Anna Christina’

Available with the book


Billy Joins the Circus Music Audiobook CD – with original music, catchy sing-along song and sound effects throughout. Narrated by Anna Christina

MP3 Download play the story on any device

A fun Illustrated Activity Booklet for the kiddies with an interactive question tree page, circus game and a fun colouring in picture to enjoy

Billy Joins the Circus is Available at Amazon UK

And in the U.S 

About the Author Anna Christina

Anna Christina is the award-winning author, narrator, musician, storyteller and owner of Music Audio Stories. She has entertained and taught thousands of children at nurseries, schools, libraries and workshops with her Music Audio Stories during her musical Storytime, Storytime with Anna Christina. She regularly volunteers at libraries and is a brilliant advocate for the power of stories and music.

About the Illustrator Jenika Ioffreda

After attending Scuola Romana dei Fumetti (Roman School of Comics) in Italy, Jenika moved to the UK where she self-publishes her award-nominated comic book series Vampire Free Style: the story of a black cat in a world of magic, mysteries, vampires and witches. Her series has sold over 5,000 copies at comic conventions over Europe, has been praised by reviewers, has a loyal following and has been requested as set dressing for the movie ‘This Must Be The Place’.

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