On Her Own


As America enters the war after the attack on Pearl Harbor Beatrice learns more about herself in this sequel to ‘True Brit‘by Rosemary Zibart. Beatrice has learned skills in how to fit in with American ideas and cultures as well as her British ideas and how they seem to be working together to do her part in service to both her countries.

In the beginning of ‘Beatrice On Her
Own’ she learns that Clem is being ‘called up’ to teach new Army nurses and Beatrice must learn now how to make her own decisions and also how the new friends she makes and becoming a part of the community and finding a place to fit in and finding out there are more commonalities than differences between her, Clem and all the others she meets while living in an era of war and worry and still feel good in what you are doing to contribute and stay safe.

Odessa Sawyer

and her illustrations at the beginning of each chapter gives the reader a clue to what the chapter is going to be about in just so many visual words. Her pencil sketches are well done to
illustrate the chapter images that the reader will be reading. ‘Beatrice On Her Own’ is a continuation of
how she keeps learning about herself and others around her.

Classroom teachers can continue to introduce various topics on World War II as well as how the
Americans on the home front are doing their part for the country. There were places where teachers
could start giving literary clues to start conversations on the book as well as make comparisons and
contrasts with what is going on today with what occurred back then. This is also a series of improving
friendship and communication skills. We can learn from the past to keep the present and maybe even
improve the future.


Book Summary

Having fled the dreadful blitz in London and landed in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico, Beatrice Agatha Sims has learned to appreciate a radically different culture and landscape. Her world is rocked again with news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. First she must contend with losing her American host, the sensible “Clem” – a public health nurse called to Washington to train other nurses. Then the 13-year-old girl must draw on her own experience of being a stranger in a strange land but also  battle local fears and prejudice when a Japanese Internment Camp is constructed on the edge of town. And will Beatrice have the ‘gumption’ required to face the challenges the war is bringing to everyone?


Rosemary Zibart and Odessa Sawyer
ISBN: 9781932926767 paperback
ISBN: 9781932926774 ebook
Kinkajou Press
191 pages

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