Mr. Sunnyside

                – Imagination!-

BY C. K. Gregory

Ilustrated by: Stephanie Richoll

 We all need an imaginary friend every once in a while, no matter how old you may be.  CK Gregory has written a children’s picture book entitled ‘Mr. Sunnyside — Imagination’ which is a first in a series.  This is the story of Tommy and how he learns how to learn a new skill whatever it may be.  Tommy wakes up to a day that just seems blah to him and he meets a new friend -Mr. Sunnyside that has a very familiar shape that we all know.  Tommy’s mother is calling him to breakfast, and he is wondering what he’s going to do all day.  This is when someone appears and makes Tommy think.CK Gregory has written a story that teaches a skill in a very inventive way.  The artwork of Stephanie Richell matched the words of CK.  One of my favorite parts of this picture book was the use of the black and white pictures at the beginning and a few other sections of the story that seems to depict boredom and when Mr. Sunnyside appears the pictures are in vivid colors and quite active.  CK and Stephanie depicts Mr. Sunnyside in a most imaginative way.  Tommy learns how to stay healthy mentally and physically thanks to a new friend in and out of the house.  Written for ages 5 to 10, MrSunnyside shows young audiences that there is an “eggciting” alternative to screen time: the power of their own minds. 


When Tommy, a young boy, is stuck at home on a rainy day with nothing to do, even his mommy can’t help him, especially with breakfast. An eggstrordinary egg called Mr. Sunnyside comes to his rescue — only Tommy can see him. Mr. Sunnyside saves him from boredom by giving Tommy a lesson in imagination. Mr. Sunnyside, a delicate egg, shows Tommy a new meaning in life by teaching him how to use his imagination. Buckle up and get ready for an eggciting ride — an adventure of a lifetime when Mr. Sunnyside enters Tommy’s life as a play friend! Tommy’s life will never be the same — he goes from feeling sad to eggcellent!

About the Author

Author CK Gregory worked in many areas of theater and the media, both in front and behind the scenes. Now, he is embarking on a new career as a children’s author. MrSunnyside: Imagination is his first book in a series of “eggstra” adventures to come!

Stephanie Richoll, Illustrator,

is a Florida native jack-of-all-trades artist. Now an established illustrator, painter, and graphic designer, she has worked with several publishers and producers and has illustrated several published children’s books and novels. She hopes to travel the world, but for now is working with clients all over the world and hopes to continue producing art for amazing projects in the future.

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