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In almost every fairytale we see or read, the characters always live happily ever after right?  At the end of Disney’s Snow White, you see Prince Charming and Snow White riding off into the sunset together, smiling happily and gazing into each others’ eyes.

The plot of this book:  

The Reflections of Snow White takes place after this happy couple rides off into the sunset together. The plot of this book takes place on the eve of Princess Raven’s, (Snow White’s only daughter) wedding and all of the castle is bursting with joy and excitement, except for:  Snow White.  Snow White finds it difficult in sharing in her daughter’s joy as she has fallen into a deep depression.   Snow White’s husband is dead and ever since his death, (for over a year now) Snow White has been in such a depression over her grief of loosing him.  Snow White cannot bear the thought of living out her life without her husband.
On the eve of this joyous wedding occasion, Snow White craves solitude and climbs a winding staircase to an old and dusty room, where she finds the magic mirror that her step mother had used long ago.  Snow White looks into this magic mirror, where she sees:  visions of herself, sees younger versions of herself, sees when her prince Charming was in her life and looks back upon the many transitions and life events.  The magic mirror shows her how she dealt emotionally with all of these occurrences in her life.  The magic mirror shows Snow White how she was once happy, times when she wasn’t happy, how she overcame these sad times, joys and hardships of her life.  Does the magic mirror help get Snow White out of her depression to where she can live her life to the fullest and share in the joy of her daughter’s life and maybe one day be able to enjoy many more memories of her life including the birth of her grandchildren?  The reader will have to read and have to find out!

My Thoughts of this book:

I think that the author of this book did a good job with showing how life today is different from the many fairytales that you see.  Life is not one big happy fairytale all the time.  People come and go.  People develop different mental illnesses such as depression sometimes because of different hard times in one’s life such as the death of a loved one.  I think this book could help an individual that has depression or assist a grief stricken individual.  This book shows yes loosing a significant other or loved one is hard, but shows how you have to look within yourself to happier times, seek out the help of others to learn how to get past one’s depression.  In this book, I think that Snow White wanted to be happy for her daughter and be with her on her special day, but I think that her depression was so deep, she did not know how to be happy because of her strong loss of her husband.  This is how it is today; there are many happy life events, maybe there is a woman out there today who lost her husband and her daughter is getting married.  This woman will need to learn how to put aside her feelings of grief so she can continue to live her life and be there for their loved ones.

This book was a pretty good read.  There was a few points that I did wish that the author could of showed in the story.  I was excepting Snow White to have more interactions with the different people in her current life.  The author did a good job showing how she dealt with her emotions in different phases of her past, but maybe the author could have included more of a story about her life at the present time. Having more characters interact with Snow White could have created more of a storyline.   Maybe the author could have included the thoughts, views and more of a character interaction between Snow White and the people in her present life.  Snow White’s daughter is a major part of Snow White’s present life and maybe the author could of had Snow White’s daughter assisting her mom with coming out of her depression.  Today, people with different mental health disorders begin to deal with their mental disorder so they can enjoy their life with both reflecting on the past and also reflecting upon the good points at the present time.  Overall-the author did a pretty good job-read this book and see what you think!


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