great and complicated adventure

Actually there are 19 Great and Complicated or maybe not so complicated adventures here.This book is a very nice collection of Stories accompanied by some great artwork by Jessica Ahlberg. It seems these two folks make quite a team as this is their fourth book together.
It’s quite amazing what sorts of adventures a Squirrel and his little friend Ant can find. Tellegen takes you into a magical world of cute stories with Badgers and Zebra’s, animal parties and more..All sorts of whimsical stories you can read with the kids at bedtime.It will help them learn how to treat their friends and make them think a little. It’s also a small book perfect for little hands.A real hard cover too!As you look though the book you will undoubtedly be reminded of animal friends like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too! That’s the sort of world we see here.
Recommended for ages five and up
Published by Boxer Books 2013

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