Smile has a Window
Written and Illustrated by: Matthew Boyd
ISBN: 9781499222395
24 pages
“Everyone smile now!” Matthew Boyd has written and illustrated another children’s picture book entitled ‘Your Smile has a Window’. This is a story of two sisters and when one sister loses her tooth the other feels left out, because they feel that a special visitor will not come. There are many emotions for the reader to feel and remember.
Matthew BoydRight from the cover Matthew Boyd gets your attention with the title of the book for it ‘smiles’ at you.  A story of the excitement over such an event in one’s young life and even for adults who remember this particular event. Parents and teachers can use this book to teach about proper dental care and maybe even visiting the dentist if necessary.  My favorite pages of the story were the two letters; the one from the girl written in red crayon and the one from the ‘tooth fairy’.  Both of the letters ease the situation on all fronts and it was done creatively by Matthew.
Matthew has included at the end of the book two charts telling parents and even teachers when they could expect their children to loose their teeth and the other one is kind of like a test for the parent to see if they remember when they lost their first teeth.  This is a children’s picture book that shows many emotions that we have all gone through that made us who and what we are now.

About the Author

Winner of the Moms Choice Award for his book “What Would I Do, To Make Sure You’re Not Blue”
Matthew Boyd is an award-winning children’s author and illustrator. His books are written and beautifully illustrated to bring smiles to children’s faces and provide cherished memories for children and parents alike. Drawing his inspiration from his family and friends, Matthew has crafted a series of children’s books designed to bring laughter into a child’s life. Matthew has based his books on funny incidents and actions his own children experienced.

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