The Festival of Storytellers: A Virtual Event for Authors and Booklovers

ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers 2021 is a six-day virtual book fair for  Authors Storytellers and Booklovers happening this April.

ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company that has constantly been promoting new and established authors by attending national and international book fairs. It has taken part in some of the most prestigious book shows as an exhibitor throughout its existence. Some of these events include the Miami International Book Fair, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the Book Expo America, the London Book Fair, and many others. Due to the pandemic, most yearly book events were postponed, except for those who chose to go virtual. Recently, ReadersMagnet took part in some of these virtual book fairs, such as the 2021 New York Library Association (NYLA) Annual Conference and Trade Show and the Tucson Festival of Books 2020. This year, ReadersMagnet also decide to organize its own virtual book fair. Hence, The Festival of Storytellers or TFOS 2021.

What is ReadersMagnet’s TFOS 2021? 

The Festival of Storytellers is ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair. It is a six-day online event that will run from April 23 to April 25 and April 30 to May 2, 2021. It is also a transition from being a mere exhibitor to an online book fair and exhibition organizer. ReadersMagnet felt the need to organize and cater to the need to continue promoting authors and book titles, especially for new and independent authors. With the pandemic not going away anytime soon, only a handful of organizations are actually actively organizing book fairs and other book events. With over a hundred participating authors and speakers, The Festival of Storytellers promises an exciting event both for authors and booklovers.

The Festival of Storytellers will feature authors of various book genres – children’s books, poetry, spiritual/inspirational, sci-fi, romance, thrillers, crime mystery, and non-fiction sub-genres. The event will also host talks, workshops, and other exclusive events. 

However, what makes The Festival of Storytellers unique from other virtual book events is it’s for FREE.

The Benefits of Attending TFOS 2021

Book fairs and exhibitions are beneficial for authors, especially those wanting to reach a broader target audience. For book fans, it is a chance to check out new titles. Below are the perks of attending TFOS 2021:

TFOS is accessible and is for FREE.

Yes, you read it right. You can access The Festival of Storytellers for free. All you need is a stable internet connection. Say goodbye to fare and accommodation, admission fees, and other expenses that we’re used to paying when attending book fairs and events. ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair is free of charge. Just visit the website for instructions on FREE ADMISSION!

  • TFOS hosts excellent workshops.

Although it’s still its debut year, The Festival of Storytellers already managed to secure at least three remarkable speakers for exciting workshops/talks. The following special speakers will conduct talks on respective topics:

Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D. (Leads Magnets)

 Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D. is a motivational speaker, researcher, and successful author of the book Set Free to Live Free: Breaking Through the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves. 

Krista Neher (Personal Branding)

Krista Neher is a six-time best-selling author, a successful entrepreneur, and an international speaker. Her latest work is the fantastic book Launch YourselfAction Planner. 

Kate Delaney (Attracting Raving Fans)

Kate Delaney needs no introduction. The famous host of America Tonight with Kate Delaney is a best-selling author, an award-winning broadcast personality, and business and motivational speaker.

  • You can review/replay workshops.

This is something truly rare as far as virtual book events are concerned. Aside from its free access, participants can review workshops and other events of The Festival of Storytellers book fair. If you miss a particular author even, you can still watch it at your own convenient time.

  • We have exclusive author events.

Aside from the general book fair, the six-day online event will feature mini-events. One of them is the Author of the Hour sessions. Every day, The Festival of Storytellers virtual book fair will host a lineup of authors for the Author of the Hour sessions. A session typically lasts an hour, and participants will have a chance to get to know a particular author by checking out the event.

  • We’re giving away prizes/freebies.

Participating authors and fairgoers will have a chance to win prizes, freebies, and points during the six-day virtual event. The TFOS Adventures will feature games and events that will allow you to acquire points and, of course, win exciting prizes.

TFOS: The Start of Something Beautiful 

ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair is a bold move, and we are excited to share this momentous event with authors, readers, speakers, and everyone who wants to be a part of this. The six-day event is just the start of many things, not just for ReadersMagnet but also for the participants. We hope that you could join us and together let us celebrate stories and storytellers.

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