Figuring out when and where to travel this spring and summer is more difficult with the unpredictable weather that has gripped the country in recent weeks. Much of the midwest has experienced record warm temperatures during the first few months of the year. Normally, people in this part of the country look to travel south for the winter and early spring, but the mild weather has made such travel less desirable. However, the ability to get affordable flights to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or other great US cities can influence your decisions.

Online travel sites help. You can monitor tickets on these sites for many airlines and grab the best deal possible when it becomes available. Many of the top travel sites allow you to get regular alerts so you can keep track of the deals as they happen. It is important that if you know when you are going to travel you buy your tickets as soon as they reach a price you find reasonable. Prices can fluctuate and may go up if you wait.

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Keep a close eye on the weather during transitions from cold to warm seasons. You don’t want to wind up in a place thinking you are in for nice, sunny weather and instead, you get hit with cold temperatures and unpleasant experiences.

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