Wendys SaladsWendy’s decided to upgrade its salad menu at the perfect time for me. Salads are an obsession of my during the hot summer months. I can often eat them for days and it is nice to be able to pick up a nice, full salad at a fast food spot for an affordable price of just $5.99.

Conceived by award winning Chef, cookbook author and culinary arts Director Rick Tramonto, the new Wendy’s fresh salad lineup features Baja, Chicken Caeser, BLT Cobb (personal favorite), and Apple Pecan Chicken.

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As a creature of habit, I decided after my first go at the BLT Cobb salad that it was the one for me! Cobb salads are my favorite. The Wendy’s version features fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, bits of egg, blue cheese, two slices of crisp bacon and more.

Wendys Cobb BLT SaladI love the salad and it is a great deal at the mentioned price. While it has a more sophisticated look than you would get at most fast food restaurants, the only drawback is that the ingredients are separated in the bowl. I usually prefer them to be blended together. However, the slices of bacon add a nice touch and it isn’t a whole lot of work to mix up the cheese, egg, and tomato myself. The taste is great, and fresh.

Amazingly, each of the salads is only 440 calories as well. The BLT Cobb comes with two avocado ranch packets at 100 calories a piece. If you have more will power, you might be able to use just one, or substitute your own dressing.

Disclosure: I follow all FTC guidelines. We received Wendy’s gift cards in order to review the salads. All opinions are honest and my own.

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