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          a Novel by Etsy Schachter 


Waiting for a Sign is a great example of family life. The ups and downs of any family can be an interesting story. But Waiting for a Sign gives a realistic view of Sibling relations,heartbreaking loss the struggles of friendship and how a close family in the end will always stick together.

The underlying story line here is of a hearing impaired teen and his family. How they cope with life in general but. It’s a good inside view of what it’s like to be deaf  and how different life is like the silent world of the deaf. I learned a lot about ASL (American Sign Language). Author Esty Schachter has written a thoughtful and poignant book that anyone would enjoy.

The story is seen through the eyes of Shelly a young High School student who feels her and her deaf older brother Ian are drifting apart. All she really waiting-for-a-signwants is to have things  like they used to be. As she learns what is behind Ian’s change she begins to understand her Brother a little more. As they work towards a common goal you can see a closeness between the siblings. It’s quite sad at times as you see Shelly suffer through a tragedy but she has her happy moments.

As I Read the book I began to under stand the Title. I love it when the title means something . I personally think there’s a double meaning here but you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. And yes those dandelions on the cover are significant!


This is a very good read for any age but I would recommend Middle school to High School, whats not to like Tragedy,Peaceful demonstration,and a little high School Romance and of course a chance to learn something about life through the Hearing Impaired …and American Sign Language


Esty Schachter is a clinical social worker and writer. She lives in Ithaca, New York, with her husband and two sons.


Shelly and Ian used to be close, but after Ian leaves home to attend the Hawthorne School for the Deaf, Shelly feels abandoned, and the two drift apart.

When Ian returns home with news that the future of Hawthorne is in jeopardy, Shelly isn’t sure she wants him back. And Ian, who has enjoyed living with students and staff who sign all the time, feels angry when his family forgets to do the same.

An explosive argument that could drive brother and sister further apart actually offers hope for reconciliation—a hope that grows as Shelly’s spirited best friend, Lisa, helps strengthen their bond.

The siblings grow closer still when they find themselves coping with an unexpected tragedy. To fully heal her relationship with Ian, however, Shelly needs to acknowledge and understand why Hawthorne—and access to the Deaf community—is so important to him. To do so, she’ll need to take action and stop waiting for a sign.

Written by clinical social worker Esty Schachter, Waiting for a Sign celebrates the beauty and power of Deaf culture, offering readers an opportunity for insight and understanding.



Esty has published two novels for middle-grade and young adult readers, Anya’s Echoes and Waiting for a Sign

Anya’s Echoes was based on her aunt’s experiences during World War II, combined with a present-day bullying story. Esty listened to tapes recorded by Rosie Schachter and a friend to create the character of Anya and share Rosie’s memories in her own words.

Waiting for a Sign explores sibling bonds, friendship and grief, while also providing a window into Deaf culture. After her first job at the Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf in Boston, Esty became a counselor. She has worked extensively with Deaf children in various school and clinical settings.


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