Bigfoot crosses paths with a nonverbal child who has autism in Louis Conte’s thoughtful parable, The Book of Sasquatch, which is told from Sasquatch’s darkly humorous perspective and world view. Conte blends the compelling premise of the existence of Bigfoot with the realistic challenges faced by families impacted by autism to deliver a quirky, unforgettable story about love, sacrifice and doing the right things for all the right reasonsWho wants or would like a story of how to see a different view of a fictional character?  Louis Conte has written a novel ‘The Book of Sasquatch’ that shows just that of a Big Foot.  His major character is ‘Sasquatch’ who shows very The Book of Sasquatchhuman feelings and knows how to care about others and the environment.  This is a story of 40 chapters that describes a ‘human’ sasquatch in my eyes.  Louis in writing this story has also written a very spiritual story when he introduces the character by the name of Shattuck the Gray.  Even though Sasquatch is the main character for Louis and through him he teaches us all how to make friends and to accept others with all our various differences as when Sasquatch tries to help a child named Christopher and his mother.  Louis Conte and his creation of ‘The Book of Sasquatch’ sounds like it could be like all the other books about this character, but the reader will have a big surprise.  Louis lets us see a different view of this character and will have the reader wondering what they can do to help others and the environments that are around them.  Louis has given us a story of hope and love and a way to see the truth that is always around us.  ‘The Book of Sasquatch’ is quite the visual read from the various descriptions of Sasquatch and Christopher to the scenes of Sasquatch and the camping sites of the scientists and what they were supposed to be doing.  This is a story of nature versus nurture in many ways.  Who knows there just may be a real ‘Sasquatch’ out there willing to help out others any way that they know how?

Book Summary

Sasquatch, the dominant male Big Foot in his domain in the Hoh Forest, begins his journey to greater awareness with a burning hatred of mankind, bent on seeking revenge against humanity for the senseless murder of his son at the hands of a human hunter.

Then Sasquatch begins to receive telepathic messages about love, kindness, and caring for others. Sasquatch comes to realize that the mind messages are coming from a non-verbal child with autism.

The truth that Sasquatch learns from the child changes his path, causing him to challenge everything he once believed and to sacrifice everything for the hope of a New World, where anything is possible

2021ISBN:  978-1-7351631-9-2City Bear Presshttp://www.citybearpress.com231 pages

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