Twilight: Eclipse DVD Preview

Twilight Eclipse DVDWe were excited to experience the third Twilight movie when Twilight Eclipse released on DVD December 4th from Summit Entertainment.

The third film stars the same cast including the love triangle of Kristen Stewart (as Bella Swan), Taylor Lautner (as Jacob) and Robert Pattinson (as Edward).

While the film centers on Bella’s challenging decision of whether join Edward in immortality or consider a different plan with Jacob, Twilight Eclipse has more action than romance relative to the other stories. This is why Eclipse was my least favorite book in the Stephenie Meyer saga.

DVD Release Date: December 4
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 2 Hours 4 Minutes

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  1. Judy Bradley says:

    I love all the books, New Moon was my least favorite as I did not see Edward leaving & I spent so much time feeling like Bella did – crying and not believing. I love the Eclipse movie because to me Bella & Edward are so much more relaxed with their feelings, more open with their love. Then of course are some classic quotes, like Jacob saying, “you know I’m hotter than you.” The whole movie was just awesome. The action, the romance, scenes with Charlie & Bella – like “the talk” was hilarious!

  2. I enjoyed all of the books and I think the movies just keep getting better and better. This movie definitely had a darker, more intense vibe to it, but it still has romance, good laughs from Jacob, and there’s even plenty of action for any guys that watch it.

  3. Marc-Andre Taillefer says:

    I enjoyed the books and the movies

  4. Judy Bradley says:

    I loved all the Twilight movies and I loved the feeling in this one of the unity in Bella & Edward’s relationship in spite of Jacob’s efforts to break them up. I am surprised at how many people tell me that this movie, and this book, are their favorite in the series. I think we need them all to build the story, create the atmosphere, so I could not single out one.

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