Turbo The Flying Dog by Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Zajko Review and Giveaway

When the time came for Victoria Zajko and her Husband to get a dog they took a little trip to Dustin’s Angels dog Rescue  in West Virginia. Now you may be thinking they just hopped in the car and drove down to the Dog shelter and picked up a puppy and that was that. Nope that is just the beginning of the story.

What makes this story a little more interesting is the fact that both Victoria and Hubby are pilots.To get the new addition to their family they flew turbodown to West Virginia from Maryland in their doggy search. Rightly so they were a little bit apprehensive about flying back with a new dog as they were not sure how he would take to flying in a small plane. Well that was way back on New Years Eve 2012 and not only did they have nothing to worry about but “Turbo” (that’s the Dog) now has over 50 hours in the air and LOVES flying. In fact he love it so much Mom (Victoria) and her friend Kelly decided to write a children’s book. Not just a book but a new series all about Turbo’s flying adventure’s…

Turbo The Flying Dog by Kelly Kennedy and Victoria Zajko with Illustrations by Michelle Zajko

turboflyThe first book in this series starts with the Dogs eye view of life in the kennel. How much these Dogs need and want a family. People come and go but still the poor guy sits as they walk out the door. But of course he finally gets to go home with a new family.It’s a great little story book that not only brings that importance of Animal rescue to the forefront.It also shows us from the dogs point of view how much they want a family. With the colorful illustrations by Michelle Zajko are excellent , telling the story too as she shows the different emotions of Turbo from his tilted head we’ve all seen dogs do as they wonder to the happy panting as he realizes he loves the plane.I think most kids that love dogs and even like the idea of flying will like this book . Maybe even if they’re not too sure about flying Turbo can show them it’s not so bad.

The best thing about this is that it’s a true story and it’s going to continue. Soon Turbo will be starring in book two with his Friend Olive (part schnauzer, part poodle)”Turbo learns to Fly”

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You can find Turbo on Amazon Turbo the Flying Dog (Volume 1)

And for more about his story visit Turbo the Flying Dog


Sorry Folks the giveaway is over AND the winner is Carol Smith

The Author has been nice enough to offer a copy of her book for us to give away.All you have to do for a chance to win an autographed copy is just leave us a comment . Tell us if you’re a Dog person or Cat person maybe.Or what is special about your pet.Does he fly too?You might even get the book autographed by the Illustrator and maybe even Turbo himself!


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  1. Dogs, children and flight…a winning combination.

  2. This sounds like such a sweet book. I am definitely a dog person. My furbabies are always giving love unconditionally.

  3. This book sounds great! My kids love dogs (they keep begging for us to get another). I’m not a dog person, but we do have chickens as pets and they fly – does that count?

  4. vickie couturier says:

    I have a dog and a cat,,not really a cat person,it was my adopted daughters cat and when she moved out at 18 the cat stayed behind,,that was 6 yrs ago,,my little dog is named peanut because he weighs 5lbs..the cat weighs 25lbs..they are so cute,they play hard and rough together,and the big one has never hurt the little dog,,he is a while short hair chauchaua,,i cant imagine not having a dog in our lives,we have been lucky so far that one of ours lived past 16yrs and the other 11 yrs..we have had peanut for almost 2 yrs now,he is my little buddy

  5. Carol Smith says:

    This book would be awesome for my grandchildren. They live on a farm and relate to animals very well! My almost 3 year old grandson loves reading to his 6 month old sister all the time. It is so sweet to watch him do that. This story sounds wonderful and I think it is very important to keep kids interest in actual books rather thank the tv or internet. Thank you for giving us this chance.

  6. Im definitely a dog person, I love my dog so much.

  7. We are dog people! We have a shih-tzu named Ting. I just know my boys would love this book it sounds like an adorable story.

  8. Gina Linthicum says:

    We are dog people. We have a Dachshund named Lady. My son and her are a year apart. She always makes us smile. She likes chasing bubbles and lets me know if my boys aren’t doing something she likes. She is the sweetest. I know my boys would really enjoy reading this book.

  9. We like both. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Lisa Romine says:

    I love all animals. I think I’m more of a dog person, though. My chihuahua is 14 years old. He’s special because he always knows when I’m having a rough day and comes over to sit on my lap and give me love. He’s like a little mind-reader.

  11. Melissa Mazzur says:

    I love dogs! I have 3!

  12. What a sweet book! I’d be too nervous to fly with our dog. She’s such a spaz… we’d probably crash. Love the photo of Turbo in the plane :). Visiting from Booknificent Thursdays. Have a great weekend!

  13. We foster rescue dogs and are big animal lovers — all animals. My kids would love this book!

  14. Taryn T. says:

    Looks like a cute book! We are dog lovers, but cats are welcome, too!

  15. kelly mcgrew says:

    i am both person!! haha but i have four cats so i guess you can say i’m more a dog person. my cats can’t fly but my one cat thinks she can as she climbs the screen in the window from time to time!

    thanks for the chance!

  16. I fall more to the cat person but lately some of the bigger dogs are capturing my heart.

  17. terra phipps says:

    my two girls would love me to read this to them

  18. Melissa B. says:

    I’m a cat and dog person. I love our cat, but my mom has two adorable Chihuahuas that have definitely stolen my heart.

  19. Jillian Bernath says:

    I am definitely a dog person! They make great playmates, they never leave your side !I have a shih-poo and he is my best friend. We are cuddling right now to try to stay warm with all this snow!

    • Jillian Bernath says:

      And he is special because he is such a weirdo! He will sleep on your pillow while you are trying to sleep! He also decides when its bedtime to be a total spaz and run around like a nut back and forth every night

  20. Pam Flynn says:

    I’m a dog and cat lover. My funny and loving protector, Chilidawg, passed away last year but he loved to watch the Texas Rangers on t.V. and protect me from all the birds in the back yard. I just have Lillycat now who also is my protector from those things that go bump in the night…aka…the ice maker…She’s a real hoot.

  21. Jessica mcfarlin says:

    I would have to be a dog person!

  22. Jennifer Herman says:

    I am definitely a dog person and I love beagles.

  23. Lauren G. says:

    I am for sure a dog person!

  24. I am a dog person.

  25. Kassie Brown says:

    I am totally a dog person. We have two dogs, Sammy and Lexie, this book would be wonderful to read to my daughter!

  26. Carl Todasco says:

    dog and cat person

  27. Melissa Mazzur says:

    I love dogs! We have always had 3. One for each of our girls and one for me!

  28. Renee @ MDBR says:

    Happy to tweet about your giveaway. Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  29. Stories about animals, especially those doing something different, appeal to kids of all ages. A dog that flies definitely fits that category. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

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