Top 11 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Reading

By Sarah Brodoway

Children of any age can be difficult and stubborn when it comes to reading. A lot of children don’t see how fun reading can be and would rather be active in their play. But it’s so beneficial to children to instill a love of reading. People who love to read have an advantage in almost any career they choose and often do better in school. So how can you help your children love to read? These 11 tips are guaranteed to help your kids put down the video games and pick up the books

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  1. Let them choose the material. So you wish your son would read more science books and less super hero books? I get it. But the subject isn’t exactly important- what’s important is that your child is actually reading. Even if it’s not in a subject thought to be academic, they’re still building vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Make sure they have time to read. It’s very easy in today’s society to get overbooked. Kids feel pressured to do more and more activities in order to be considered well rounded. While this expectation can be positive, it’s also important to remember that they need a break and they need time to relax. What’s more relaxing than sitting down with a book? Make sure they have the time to want to sit down and curl up with one.
  3. Have a comfortable reading space available. This should be a quiet, well lit space that is comfortable enough to sit in for a long time. My kids have a reclining chair in front of their bookshelf, away from their TVs and computers. If kids can’t concentrate and have constant distractions, they aren’t going to be able to read or have the desire to read.
  4. Give them a large selection of books and other reading material. This can be done at the library or bookstore. Offer them more than a traditional novel; comic books, magazines, activity, and pick-your-own ending books are all wonderful additions to a child’s reading material. A lot of teachers utilize books on CD so that kids can follow along in their books while listening to the words. Don’t be afraid of using an e-reader! It’s very convenient to have so much material available instantly. Some e-books for kids come with activities that go along with the book.
  5. Read with your child. As hard as it is for kids to find time to read, I know it can be even harder for parents to find time and energy to read with their children. But it has such a phenomenal benefit on their likelihood of enjoying reading as they grow up! It’s so important to read with your children to inspire a love of learning.For help finding the perfect book check out this list of the 50 best children’s books of all time. There are great reads for children of every age.
  6. Let them see you read. Monkey see, monkey do. If your children see you reading and enjoying it, they’ll be much more likely to want to do it themselves. You can’t expect your children to love reading if they know you dislike it.
  7. Read the same book! This is a great reading encouragement tip for older children, but can work with younger children as well. If you read the same book at the same time, you can talk about the characters and plot with your children. It will encourage family time and family unity, an added bonus.
  8. Match books with activities. Make a food that a book mentions. Have your child draw a scene from the story. Make up a play about the book. Ask them questions or make up games that relate to the story.
  9. Have an animal reading buddy. Tell your child that one of their animals or pets really likes to be read to, and have your child read to them. They’ll enjoy having a purpose to read.
  10. Set up a reading club with your child’s friends. Host it at your home! Have the kids read a book once a month or once every two weeks (depending on age and reading level) and then meet together to talk about it. Let the kids plan an activity to do that’s based on the book.
  11. Have a visual record of your child’s reading success. Set a reading goal in the beginning of the year and have a chart to represent how close to the goal they are. Or offer them a special prize for a certain number of books read. Kids really respond to being able to see their achievements in a visual form. Did you know Literature Can Teach Children to Be Empathetic World Citizens

Do you have any suggestions to instill a love of reading in your children? What has worked for you in childhood or with your own kids? Let me know!


Saeah BrodowaySarah Brodoway is a Registered Nurse and College Professor part time, where she specialize in behavioral health. Most of the time, She is home with her three beautiful children and loyal husband of over 10 years. The blessings we receive every day are just so phenomenal!


 Loves all things home- decorating, crafting, and organizing. She  love to cook and do fun things with the children.  Love finding new ways to connect with her husband! She likes to be thrifty and budget her household.  Loves being a homemaker-

She is also an author and  loves the theater.  Went to a performing arts high school and hoped  of being a star.   I love to read and will frequently post some books that I’ve read and give you some good suggestions.

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