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Dr. Seuss


Theodor Seuss Geisel (better Known as the one and only Dr. Seuss ) Died 28 years ago Sept 24 1991

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On the Corner of Mulberry and Bliss

The 24th of September
  A time to remember

My Grand Daughter age 3 Alyssa
My Grand Daughter age 3

The passing of one Ted Geisel
Who? you may ask ? Can’t place the name!
You say it does not ring a Bell.
A genius an Artist,a Writer by trade
He created the best children’s books ever made
He made reading fun for the girls and the boys
They would pick up their books as they threw down their toys
Now I’ve read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer
and of course his buddy Huck Finn
and all about Houlden Caulfield
and the pain that he felt from within
Great stories these two- Both classic’s it’s said
But the Classiest classic (as Classic’s do go)
Well that book was written by Ted
Am I sure of this?

Well of course I am                                                                            

And three years Later
And three years Later

Best book ever written…
Green Eggs and Ham!
-When the day sadly came They laid Ted to rest
And his friends said their final goodbye
Even the Grinch with a pain in his chest
Was seen wiping a tear from his eye
They came from all over to honor this man
From the Kingdom of Didd and the jungle of Nool
The Desert of Drize And McElligot’s pool
From Lake Winnie-Bango
came Thidwick The Moose
Yes they all came to Mourn
The Great Dr Seuss!
Bartholomew Cubbins and Cindy Lou Who
The Cat in the Hat
With Thing One and Thing Two
They all cried a little They all shed a tear
They all decided then they would meet once a year
So if you’re ever around,if you’re ever in town
You are welcome so please come on down
If you’re from the East or maybe the West
If you come from the South or the North
You must come and join us we meet once a year
On September the 24th
To celebrate the work of this man
The world surely does miss
We’re easy to find, We’re right down the street
At the corner of Mulberry and Bliss
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The character’s and places mentioned here were created from the mind of Dr Seuss…
Among the Awards for the work of Dr Seuss are two Emmy’s ,Two Oscars a Pulitzer Prize and a Peabody

Dr. Seuss and His Impact on Education and Literature,Pt.1

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