Giant the Lion, the Lion Who Could Swim

Written by Artemisa Gutierrez Laurence.Illustrated by Izzy Bean.

Giant the Lion, The Lion Who Could Swim is inspired by my experience of teaching children how to swim for over 25 years. I  felt compelled to write a story about a lion cub who is scared to learn how to swim. Often, children are intimidated to learn how to swim. In Giant the Lion, Giant learns how to swim with the help of his friends. I included his friends because I wanted to incorporate the talents of the other animals. As Giant learns how to swim, he soon discovers his talent of swimming, all he had to giant the liondo was try. I want children to know that many times, we just have to try new things in order to succeed. Some learning experiences can be intimidating at first, however with determination and practice, you can discover your gifts and  talents to share with others.  Artemisa Gutierrez Laurence                                                  


Have you ever tried to teach a child to swim? It’s not really all that easy.It can be a very scary thing for a child to get into that water.This new book Giant the Lion, the Lion Who Could Swim by Artemisa Gutierrez Laurence is an excellent starting point for that child. As you read it to them (or they read it themselves) they’ll see that maybe it’s not as scary as it seems to try that swimming thing. With a little help from your friends anything is possible. The illustrations in this book are very cool.Izzy Bean did a great job capturing the personalities of the different animal friends. Although the story is not just about a lion cub learning to swim.It’s about how he ends up excelling at something and how he perseveres even when it gets a little to tough for him.This is really the main moral of the story.This lesson will show children that whatever the goal,it’s worth it in the end to keep with it no matter how hard the journey is.


Artemisa Gutierrez Laurence is a 25-year Water Safety Instructor and Private Swim Instructor, who, like Giant the Lion loves swimming. Currently working as a Studio Teacher, she provides education and welfare for minors in the entertainment industry, including film, TV, print, and commercials.

Prior to her work as a Studio Teacher, she worked as a Special Education Aide for the Los Angeles Unified School District, assisting students in Special Ed and General Education classrooms.

She worked as Senior Publicist for Reyes Entertainment and as Manager of Public Relations for Carsey-Werner, managing domestic and international press for television series.

Laurence holds the degree of Master of Arts in Education with Elementary Teaching Credentials


Izzy Bean is a freelance children’s picture book illustrator from UK who specializes in digital cartoon paintings that are vibrant, colorful and full of life and emotion for children’s literature.

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