The World in a




Written and Illustrated by Matthew Boyd
ISBN: 0692655034
“The World in a Rainbow”, author and illustrator, Matthew Boyd brings colors alive in a fun and whimsical way for young children. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. All the colors of the rainbows! If you could see inside a rainbow, what would you see? In “The World in a Rainbow” children experience a fun adventure inside each color of the rainbow. 

 The World in a RAINBOW

A trip over and under and in a rainbow.  Matthew Boyd has written and illustrated a child’s picture book entitled ‘The World in a Rainbow’.  This is a bight and colorful picture book that will, if you let it brighten your day, afternoon and night.  This is a story of child who has and had a dream while taking her nap and the dream was a trip through all the colors of the rainbow.
the world in a rainbow‘The World in a Rainbow‘ is also a picture book that teaches the colors of rainbow spectrum starting with red and finishing with red and with each new color in the story there is a new attitude to learn about yourself for you can ask yourself how do you feel with each color and how to see yourself as the child sees herself throughout the story.  This is a story that reads like a poem as well as a song for each page leads to the next page thanks to the bottom line transitions for each color and image presented and its’ surprise for the readers no matter the age.
Matthew Boyd has written/illustrated this picture book with kids and parents and teachers in mind to use in many ways. A teacher could teach the colors and then have the children paint a picture sharing their favorite color and how they see themselves. This could also lead to an early science lesson on learning the color spectrum or just a book to share among friends to read to each other promoting literacy.



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