The Travel Adventures of PJ Mouse * In Canada*

pj canadaDo you want a cute little book that actually teaches the little kiddies something? Check out the PJ Mouse Series.For a little Mouse (a stuffed one at that) PJ sure gets around.After a wet scary start for the little Mouse PJ is lucky enough to be discovered and taken care of by his new found friend Emily,and right at vacation time. How bout that! Its great fun not only for PJ and his new Family but for the reader too.As you follow them across Canada from The Pacific to the Atlantic. His adventure takes you to the frozen Glaciers  to the Mighty Niagara and even to the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy.So much better than some boring old Geography book.

Kids can’t help to get attached to PJ just as Emily has. Every kid has their favorite stuffed animal so they can easily understand the relationship Emily has with PJ.

So how bout’ we hear from the Author herself…

Guest post by Gwyneth Jane Page, author of the PJ Mouse series

What I hope kids learn from the books and the importance of learning about animals and the world.

I hope PJ Mouse will captivate kids, as he is a cute, lovable little character. He is also somewhat timid and scared of trying new things, often getting into scrapes and needing rescue. He always ends up okay, and learns from his experiences. The premise being that he is enjoying life and learning more by having these adventures. I hope that through PJ Mouse’s example kids will learn to overcome their fears and not have to live with irrational fears their whole lives.

Through a desire to follow PJ’s escapades, I also hope kids will learn a bit about the world and some of the amazing places and animals that we share the planet with. For instance, in the book on Queensland I mention Loggerhead turtles. These giant, gentle creatures are incredible. They swim thousands of miles back to the beach of their birth to lay their own eggs. Without beach protection from dogs and big birds, only 1 in 100 even make it to the waters edge. Of those that do, many are captured to be made into soup, or for using the shells for art. If you ever encounter these creatures you would not want to imagine them becoming soup. The Barrier Reef is the same. It is a beautiful and amazing place to snorkel, but we also need to care for it and not exploit it. I hope that kids will realize this by reading about these places in the books and by ‘meeting’ the endangered species that I introduce as characters in the books.

Gwyneth Jane Page
Illustrator Megan Elizabeth,Author Gwyneth Jane Page and of Course PJ MOUSE

The books have maps front (the globe) and back (the trip taken) and factual information about the places visited. I hope kids will learn a bit about the world, different cultures, languages and places. I think the greater our understanding of different places and cultures, the more peaceful our world can be. For instance, if you travel to a country that speaks a language other than English, it is polite to learn a few words and not expect everyone to have learned English because you showed up. Simple things like this can foster respect between individuals. These are all very subtle things for kids to learn through the books, mostly only suggested in the stories, not explicitly taught. It is learning but in a non-textbook way. Learning that is meant to be fun for kids.

To date I have had nothing but positive feedback from kids, parents, and teachers. The books are a bestseller in BC. I hope they can be a bestseller in many places and give kids something that they have in common regardless of where they are from.

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The Travel Adventures

of PJ Mouse – In Queensland


Well what did I say? This little Mouse sure does get around.Now he’s off to the Land Down Under. With his little Mouse Passport inpj quennsland hand as he wonders about how he will be able to walk around upside Down or how that big heavy airplane stays in the air. Silly little Mouse.

Just like PJ’s Canadian Adventure this one will take him all along the coast Queensland Australia.Another great learning adventure for the Kiddies.I like the way each chapter starts in this series with “In Which PJ does This or PJ does That” very original.The Illustrations by Megan Elizabeth are also very cute with this book and of course the Canada adventure, they follow the story very well.I have a feeling there are many more adventures in store for our Mousy Friend so stay tuned…



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Gwyneth Jane Page (Jane), who holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University, has called many countries home. She grew up in such places as England, Peru, the USA, and the Caribbean, and has also lived in Australia and Canada. She now resides in Victoria, BC with her husband and four children. The PJ Mouse books are based on Jane’s family trips with the real stuffed animal, PJ, who was found by Emily, Jane’s youngest daughter.


Megan Elizabeth, Jane’s second oldest daughter, has lived in Canada and Australia and travelled extensively with her family-and PJ. Having been artistic since she was a little girl, illustrating the PJ Mouse books has enabled her to combine her love of travel with her love of art. Megan completed her studies at VanArts and is now building her career as a professional photographer as well as an illustrator. She currently resides in Victoria, BC with her family.

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