Microsoft Surface Book 3


Detective Lawrence Oliver “Lo” Faeth was one of the first to arrive at the destroyed dance club. Someone had definitely did a number on this San Francisco nightclub. It looked as if one of the old gas pipes had burst and then the club caught on fire. Whatever happened there is a dead woman with a gun in her hand, dead in the powder room.
Lo has found evidence around the dead woman in the powder room that makes him think this scene wasnt exactly an accident. Lo’s partner, BJ says the blast was just an accident, but Lo doesn’t believe her and he is also very suspicious that BJ is hiding something. Lo grabs his evidence without BJ seeing him and plans on taking it to his department florensic friend who can help with the case.
BJ talks to the captain and asks that Lo have time off to keep him off the case because she does know the truth and the people accountable for the club’s blast. Lo is not cooperating with his captain and refuses to take time off this case.
BJ and Lo had been friends for years until now they had always worked great together. BJ was so close with Lo that she knew all about Lo’s brother who was a transgender and how Lo refused to except his way of life. Lo’s brother eventually committed suicide over his transgender issues. This haunts Lo every day of his life and he hasn’t been the same since losing his brother.
There are a group of women who are targeting transgender women and BJ personally knows these people. She also knows they will take Lo out to protect what they have done, this is why BJ must protect her friend even though it causes bad, unknown feelings for Lo.
This book has twists and turns and is a true who – done – it book. I really loved the suspense all the way to the very end. If you like these type of books then you will want to check out “The Powder Room” at local book stores and

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