Fairies and Gnomes, Unicorns and Leprechauns!

Yes I’d say Bracken Lea Wood  ( Too small to be called a Forest) is a Magical Place

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A Beautifully Illustrated collection of ten  short stories all about life in the Bracken Lea Wood.

The magical things that go on behind the scene that us Humans seem to take for granted.

What !! you think those flowers bloom on their own or the seasons just naturally come and go?Backen Lea

Tell that to Queen Astrid and the Flower Fairies,or the Green Lady and the Snow queen.

” The Magic World of Bracken Lea ” is a fun book for young readers Each story is only about ten to fifteen pages with very nice illustrations that follow the stories. All the stories take place in Bracken Lea Wood and are a bit interconnected. Follow the fantastical adventures of the somewhat

misunderstood and maybe a bit Mischievous Glodwyn the Gnome as he interacts with his fairy friends

and they deal with the happenings in the wood.  From Unicorns to Leprechauns there never seems to be a dull moment…

     In the Magical World of Bracken Lea Wood

This is definitely a  perfect bedtime story book with the  short length of each magical story and will keep the kids imagination going.

We highly recommend this book


A Bit  About the Author..
Esma Race

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