The Adventures of Fawn—‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls  

Is a story that takes place up north . Up north? Up north of what you ask? Well it as far north as you can go,any further and you’ll be going south. It’s what is commonly known as the North Pole. In the vicinity of Santa’s Village. Now of course Santa’s village is not easy to find. First of all you have to believe.

fawnFawn’s adventure begins in the year 1849.She actually lives in Santa’s Village and that is all she has ever known.She wants more you see. She wishes more than anything to be able to explore the world outside of the village she knows as home. Oh yeah you probably are wondering who is this Fawn character.

Fawn is a young Reindeer. Not just any reindeer though. She is the daughter of Comet and Vixen!! I KNOOOW!!   I didn’t even know Comet and Vixen were a thing .I guess what two Reindeer do in the privacy of their own stall is their business.  STOP HERE if you don’t know who Comet and Vixen are because you obviously don’t believe and this story will be no fun for you. If you’re still with me that means you’re a believer and you will undoubtedly enjoy this book immensely and the whole series for that matter.

I’ve referred to this book before as a future Christmas classic and I meant it. Although it actually doesn’t take place at Christmas it is of course about Santa s Reindeer his elves and what goes on up north or at least did back in 1849. It really is a lovely story the precocious and lonely Fawn disobeys her parents and venture out on the safety of Santa’s Village and that is where the adventure AND danger begins.

There is much that can be said about this book and one underlying message. As she meets her new friends Snowboy (he’s not quite a Snowman yet) and Bunny, Tern, and Whitey is the strength of friendship and what it truly means. Also there are evil people in this world and they need to be stopped.When Fawn and her new friends find out what is happening they know they are just the ones to stop it. So with the help of a kind women they meet,Fawn’s parents a few magical Elves and yes the big Guy himself, Santa they set things right.

The book is a little long but don’t let that discourage you ,it makes for a great adventure and any child I know would love it. The illustrations throughout the book are also very good and only enhance the ongoing story.  In short this is a wonderfully magical story but don’t take my word for it —–>THE ADVENTURE OF FAWN: ‘TIL THE LAST SNOWFLAKE FALLS by Al E. Boy has just recently been honored by indieBRAG and is now an B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree.

So check out the whole series an Amazon and our interview with Author Al E. Boy

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