The Lady in the Woods

 Maria Bluni

A Contemporary Gothic Novel

This is the story of love from many viewpoints.  Marie Bluni has written a suspense novel that resembles a love story along with friends and family.  This is the story of Mariah Talbot and her finding her way in love and friendship in work, family and friends.  Will Mariah find her way?  She will need to do a lot of thinking from a different plane.  Maria wrote ‘The Lady in the Woods’ as a suspense novel, but it is also a tear-jerker at various moments in the story.  My favorite scenes were the cabin scenes where I could actually visualize the rooms at the beginning with Mariah and at the end with Andrew for I even liked the repetition of the scenes with Gideon and the scenes at the gas station for the reader can get a feeling that Gideon is a ‘guardian angel’.  Most definitely a novel for many relationships dealing with couples; parents and children and pets and how all can help.  This would make a great novel for maybe a grief counselor to use in various sessions individually and/or groups.  Maria Bluni is one to make you think what is really important to you and living life to the fullest

2022ISBN:  9781649790705  (paperback) McCauley Publishers  LLC230 pages



Mariah Talbot seems to lead a charmed life. Successful and talented, she is an interior designer in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and, by all accounts, is fulfilling her dreams. But appearances can be deceiving. Few people know the truth about her tragic past and why she guards her heart so fiercely, or the fact she is still very much in love with a ghost.
Andrew Maddenis a partner in one of Boston’s elite law firms. Bracing himself for a confrontation on his commute to work one morning, the last thing he expects is to be captivated by the woman who emerges from her car. Mariah is unlike any woman he has ever met, and their attraction is instant. But as he soon discovers, there is much more to her than meets the eye. He clings to the hope that with time, she will come to trust him completely.
But time is precious and fleeting. Neither of them could have predicted the bizarre twist of fate that alters the course of their lives forever. Only when Andrew embarks on his own journey, unraveling the haunting secrets of Mariah’s past, does he finally come to understand that love never dies…and neither does the soul

About the Author

Maria Bluni grew up in Huntington, New York and has an MA degree in English Literature. She holds a deep appreciation for the natural world and has been exploring the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the inspiration for The Lady in the Woods, for most of her life. She has two adult children and currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband, their spoiled golden retriever and the two cats that tolerate him.

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