The End of Our Story: Can time and distance keep a great love apart?

Author Graciela Mayrink tells us about her new Book

“The idea for the story came up when trying to imagine what it would be like to meet a great love again, that person who marked your life, who changed in some way who you are. How to act? What to feel, do, talk? How much would this reunion affect who the person is now? It’s a strong experience I haven’t been through, but I hope that many readers will identify with. I like challenges and this book was a great one.


The End of Our Story is a book that has been with me for a long time. I started writing in 2011, planning it to be my third book. The initial idea was to do only the events of the present and develop everything around João’s return to Brazil. But at the time the story was stuck, I couldn’t find its rhythm and I felt I should put it aside for a while. Until, years later, the idea of ​​writing scenes from the past and merging them with the present came up.


Writing about complicated feelings and making the book with a non-linear timeline required a lot of discipline and involvement with characters and story. I can only start a new story when I have its end defined, and from the moment I decided to alternate the present with the past, I had to stop everything and detail what scene would be in each chapter and which character would narrate it. It was a challenge I liked and I hope readers will like it too.”

 The End of our Story  will be free to download for five days October 24th until October 28th.

Book summary

Mônica was the only girl at school who did not want to be friends with the self-centered João Carlos. In trying to win her over, João discovers that they are both fans of superheroes and Star Wars, and the path to Mônica’s heart seems increasingly easy.

After a few months of trying, he reaches his goal, and the relationship lasts two years, until João moves with his parents to the United States to study and pursue his dream of having a career as a painter.

Dating can’t resist the distance and they go three years without talking. In the meantime, Mônica joins the university and João becomes a celebrity worldwide after one of his paintings appears on a popular reality show. Despite all the fame, he always felt that his success was not complete, because something was missing in his life: the woman he loved.

Now, João returns to Brazil for an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro with the aim of regaining the love of his life. Will their reunion of the two of them reopen some wounds or is it still possible to relive this great love?



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