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The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake A Wilcox and Griswold Mystery by Robin Newman and Deborah Zemke - Book Room Reviews

The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake A Wilcox and Griswold Mystery by Robin Newman and Deborah Zemke


It’s a Wilcox and Griswold mystery

THIEF! Uh Oh Miss Rabbit has a problem. Her Carrot Cake is missing.What should she do? I know what I’d do.Get MFI on the case. Get their best Men um I mean Mice on the case. Detective Wilcox and Captain Griswold.Yep that’s the thing to do. MFI? you ask, oh that’s Missing Food Investigators.

Just the facts Mam’

Wilcox and Griswold MFI

Wilcox and Griswold MFI

She does indeed call MFI and that’s when the fun starts. This is a super cute book I guess for kids but any adult will thoroughly enjoy reading it to young children.Some of the humor is definitely geared towards us adults as some might go over the kids heads. The simple puns and the Dragnet style is hilarious. The illustrations by Deborah Zemke are great and capture the mood perfectly I especially like the stern looking Wilcox and Griswold (the mice Detectives) even the mouse eating Owl knows not to mess with them.Once Griswold gives him his “Don’t mess with me Look.

A fun book you and the kids can play along. Follow the clues and ask them who dunnit.

In this first Wilcox Griswold Mystery the no nonsense Detective Wilcox will not rest til the case is cake 2solved and the culprit is apprehended.As the two Detective search for clues to this cake snatching they must question the animals on Ed’s farm. We have an ex con pig that’s spent time in the “Pen” an Owl that would have had a witness to his alibi but unfortunately he ate the witness.

Very funny stuff ,the kids will love it. To get an idea of what you are missing check out this video.



A great book for early readers AND another big plus is it’s a hard cover.

So now with the mystery solved I have one last question and one more mystery for the author…

Why did those chickens cross the road? (if anyone has an answer to that please let me know in the comment section)
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There's even a Carrot Cake recipe at the end of this adorable Mystery.

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robin newmanRaised in New York and Paris, Robin Newman has been a practicing Attorney and now writes about Witches,pigs,Investigative mice and missing carrot cakes.She lives in New York with her Hubby,son,goldfish and English Cocker Spaniel.Not sure if there are any mice involved.



Deborah Zemke makes lively pictures with gouache paints and digital pixels under the watchful gaze of her one border collie. She is a frequent contributor of Critter Crackups to Ranger Rick magazine, from whom she received the Trudy Farrand and John Strohm Magazine Writing zemkeAward. Zemke is the designer of the popular font ITC Zemke Hand. She lives in Missouri with her husband, daughter and dog in a house with a big oak tree


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  1. This book sounds so cute! Sounds like both the kiddos and Mommy would be amused 🙂 Thanks for linking up at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

  2. Kids are going to eat this one up. Adorable.

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