The Amber Menhir

                                   Jonathan N. Pruitt

The Amber Menhir combines academia, magic, politics, and despotism in the first novel of The Shadows of the Monolith series. Pruitt has been likened to Ayn Rand due to the societal warnings within The Amber Menhir, and Pruitt delivers a mischievous tale of magic and political intrigue that is told in his unique and satirical voiceThis is quite a different view of wizardry of such activity.  Jonathan N. Pruitt has written Book one of ‘The Shadows of the Monolith-The Amber Menhir’. This is a teen fantasy novel that even adults would like.  This is The Amber Menhirthe story of four would be friends by the names of Tara, Roland, Peony and even Lavinia who are ascendants to a boarding school where they will learn what skills of ‘thaumaturgy’ they may have or not.  These four people must learn more about these skills and how to properly use them so that one day an event known as ‘Calamity’ does not happen.  Jonathan N. Pruitt has written this youth fantasy novel really for anyone interested in fantasy and maybe even science.  To this reviewer it kind of reminds me of the ‘Harry Potter’ series.  ‘The Amber Menhir’ seems to me more about the science not the magic even though it seems that magic is present especially with the creatures like the ‘maus’ that seem to be like cats but not.  Cannot wait to see what happens in book two.2023ISBN:  979-8-218-22811-8Spinner Loom Press372 pages


About the Author

Jonathan N. Pruitt, a multifaceted individual who embodies the remarkable fusion of scientific acumen and creative spirit. Once hailed as a rising star in behavioral ecology, Pruitt’s journey has been defined by both scholarly accolades and the resolute pursuit of personal reinvention.Famed especially for his studies of the social behavior of arachnids, Pruitt was dubbed ‘Spiderman’ and, like the fictional superhero, possessed the innate talent and ability to scale to great heights.

However, the trajectory of Pruitt’s journey took an unexpected turn with the emergence of a scientific scandal which echoed loudly within the cloisters of the academic community. Yet amidst the tumult, Pruitt maintained that the data anomalies detected constituted a small percentage of the data examined and with few exceptions failed to change a study’s findings.

Yet, Pruitt’s story does not stop there. Harnessing his abiding love for epic fantasy — a pursuit that kept him sane while conducting field work from the rainforests of Australia to the deserts of Namibia and South Africa —he has transformed into one of today’s most exciting and entertaining dark fantasy authors. His debut novel, The Amber Menhir, confidently introduces a troubled world on the brink of destruction, plagued by the excesses of a vampiric elite locked in bloody political power-play.

Just as with his research into the animal kingdom, Jonathan N. Pruitt’s remarkable story underscores the power of adaptation. His transition from acclaimed scientist to captivating storyteller echoes his philosophy that “a burnt forest is but a blank canvas.” Join him as he embarks on the next leg of his journey with The Shadows of the Monolith series.

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