The Adventures Of Merrick The Viking

                 by Chris Davis

A young teenage Viking boy named Merrick must escape his Scandinavian homeland and ends up on a historic journey of discovering new lands while becoming a great sailor along the way he falls in love to a young Irish girl and has to defend her and her village along the sea.merrick

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The Adventures Of Merrick The Viking is written for the middle-grade level and a nice length of just 138 pages . Published February 6, 2017 It’s a perfect summer read for those rainy summer days.What could be more interesting to learn about than Vikings.I personally love the history of the Vikings. A truly amazing people.

Excellent Book For Young Adults!

We absolutely love this book and definitely recommend this book. A very interesting and captivating story almost makes you want to go on an adventure. I really enjoy the creativeness of using a young teen Viking and the he adds in a fun journey to Ireland just as Ireland was forming. We would recommend this young adults this as exciting as a Harry Potter series book but not as complicated with an easier story telling and we hope he continues to write this as a series. My daughter would like a printed version if this is possible. Great Book!!!

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