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 With the World cup going on now. Who’s ready for some football? Well, how about some soccer?  T.Z. Layton has written a middle school-level novel about a boy named Leo, and his dream of becoming a pro Soccer player.  ‘The Academy’ is the name of the school as well as the book and is where the main character Leo, an American, has the chance to learn and play his favorite sport across the pond in England.  Leo meets and makes some new friends as well as enemies in trying to gain a spot at this elite soccer camp.  Leo’s new friends are his coaches Tig and Samantha along with other participants like Sven, Dayo, Julian, and an arch-rival Brock.  Leo and his friends have one month to show if they have what it takes to be a part of the Academy and a possible spot on the team.  There are plenty of obstacles that they have to conquer both personally and professionally.‘The Academy’ by T.Z. Layton is a good book for some teachers to include Language Arts with P.E. activities.  T. Z. writes for the middle school level while reading this book I could feel the angst of the young players, as maybe some young readers with the same interests will feel too.  T. Z. is a show-and-tell writer for he has shown what happens at a soccer camp from the drills to the feeling of playing under the lights for scrimmages and games.  I could see the players when they were practicing their skills and during the games as well as during the FIFA (video games) and their various interactions between them.  The cover art does show the winning attitude of all the characters from the coaches to the players to the family and friends at home.

ISBN:  9781955804080First Touch Books for Young Readers296 pages


Born and raised in a small town, Leo K. Doyle has never seen the ocean or stepped foot on a plane. But Leo is a star soccer player with big dreams in life.

Rock-star, Olympic gold, dragon-slaying dreams.

While Leo longs to make the pros one day, he has no idea how to achieve this goal—
until a professional scout pays a chance visit to one of Leo’s games and extends an invitation to try out for the London Dragons youth squad, known as The Academy.

Leo is stunned. The London Dragons isn’t just any old soccer team. It’s a world-famous English Premier League team.
Soon Leo is off to a whole new country, embarking on the greatest adventure of his life. The downside? Only eleven players can make the team.

Eleven out of two hundred of the very best youth players on the planet.

Will Leo be good enough to make the Academy?

About the Author

T.Z. Layton is bestselling author Layton Green’s pen name for books aimed at younger readers. The author’s novels have been nominated for many awards, translated into multiple languages, and optioned for film. The author is also a soccer dad, youth coach, referee, former collegiate player, and lifelong fan of the beautiful game.

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