Surviving Desert View  Kids vs. Nature Book 2
Written by:  Karl Steam    Illustrated by: Joshua Lagman
ISBN:  978-1-63578-008-6
“Ready for another adventure in science?”  Karl Steam and Joshua Lagman have another story of Josh and his classmates, but now they will be ‘sent’ in that unusual way to a desert and not a forest wilderness as the last time.  This is a story that starts out in the classroom that has started to bring these classmates closer together when a dangerous situation occurs.  The cover design by Joshua is a clue to one particular situation.  The ‘app’ that takes these science students (friends) on this next adventure will have them learn all about the dangers that are apart of desert living.  On their mission they will learn about the difference between poisonous and venomous reptiles as well as the animal that they have to ‘shoot’ to be able to get back to home or to school.  It is the ‘app’ as well as what the group responsibility to stay safe, whether to deal with staying fed, getting enough to drink, and to get shelter when needed and how to protect themselves from what is needed to be done.  Joshua has did it again with placing these cartoon characters in realistic pictures that always work.  After the story the author includes lessons on basic first aid for heat stroke and other medical issues.  It also covered how to stay warm and make survival tools.
The Kids vs. Nature series includes some of the best outdoor adventure books for kids. Four fun characters are forced to encounter a variety of wilderness environments, ecosystems, and animals. They make plenty of mistakes during their missions but acquire more knowledge and skills along the way. These books are a perfect pick for those who want fast paced wilderness survival stories.
Karl Steam loves to blend the elements of science, nature, and make-believe. His stories are fast paced and enjoyed by children around the world. The Kids vs. Nature series was inspired by his fascination with wilderness survival stories as a child. Danger in Quicksand Swamp, Hatchet, and My Side of the Mountain were among his favorites.


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