……………..and the      Chocolatier’s Ball…………………..





S.P. O’Farrell
ISBN: 978-1-947860-40-7
Brandylane Publishers, Inc.
139 pages

Who doesn’t like a story that is about chocolate? S.P. O’Farrell has written a novel entitled ‘Simone LaFray and the Chocolatier’s Ball’ This is the story of Simone LaFray, the daughter of a famous pastry maker of all Paris. Simone is kind of living a double life in S P O'Farrella manner of speaking. Simone has a mystery to solve that has a lot of interrelationships happening in her life, but still Simone must solve this mystery that will affect both her parents and herself. This is a story that is set in Paris, France and the reader will feel like they are in Paris with all the language the author uses as well as the vivid descriptions of the scenes for the story.

S. P. O’Farrell has written a novel for young adult readers who may be interested in learning about the French culture and/or the French language. This is a good book to introduce the detective genre to readers. Simone is a beginner in this world, but she is learning what to do and not to do and to always have patience with what is occurring around her.

As mentioned a teacher could devise a lesson dealing with the French culture dealing with the ‘Ball’ as well as with the cuisine of Paris and still have a lesson teaching some French vocabulary words. This is also a story of friendship and showing understanding of one another.



 Book Summary

Simone leads a double life.
As a covert agent, she walks in the footprints of her spy mother, darting between the shadows. If she’s not sleuthing, she’s icing eclairs and dusting pastries in her father’s patisserie.
When a notorious thief returns to Paris, the patisserie is threatened, and Simone questions everything. She and her father must participate in the exclusive Chocolatiers’ Ball to redeem themselves and catch the thief. Simone’s concealed life is crumbling, the shop hangs in the balance . . . and now she needs a ball gown!
Life in a French patisserie may not be as sweet as she

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