Did you know there are over 250 kinds of Bumble Bees? Who knew?

Did you know that Bumble Bees only make enough honey to feed themselves? Who knew?

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fuzzy buzzyIf you answered no then I guess you have not had the chance to read Fuzzy Buzzy's Treasure by Misty Baker. A short little paperback of about 25 pages filled with colorful Illustrations by K.A. King.
A cute story about A Bumble Bee by the name of Fuzzy Buzzy.Along with a few little factoids the author shares with us at the end of the book this book helps us understand Bumble Bees.The kiddos reading or listening to this book can learn a bunch.
We learn the necessity of bees to us and nature.How they pollinate flowers and carry pollen(though I have yet to see a bee carrying little wicker baskets)
We also see how hard the little bees work,you know "busy as a bee" and all that.Apart from the Bee Lesson I feel there is a much better lesson learned in this book.Contrary to what you may have heard from one Gordon Gekko in one of my all time favorite films.Greed is not Good and Fuzzy Buzzy does in deed learn this lesson the hard way.
So if you know a child that is afraid of those little Buzzers or just curious about them then this is the book for you.

Fuzzy Buzzy's Treasure is the perfect way for the kiddos to learn about those buzzing Bees

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Misty Baker is an author, freelance editor, and shameless chocoholic. She writes romance under her pen name Mysti Parker. Her other writings have appeared in numerous anthologies, and she has two more children’s books in the works.Misty lives in Buckner, KY with her husband, three children and a great many pets.(not sure how many Bees)

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