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Book 1 of 3: Traders of the Seas Trilogy2021ISBN:  978-1-7333199-4-2charispublishing.comCharis Publishing297 pagesThis is quite the adventure that James Farris sends us on with this read.  ‘Traders of the South Seas’ is the Traders of the south seasbeginning of an adventure series that the reader will think of the past pirate stories that they have read, but will be in for a surprise.  The reader will find themselves entrenched in a modern day yet could be a futurist pirate story.  The main character of Christoph Swift learns a lot about his family and friends and what they need to make themselves known to all.  James has written a story that is visual to the reader that will be able to see what the characters are doing from learning the basics to the various trials we must all face and learn to accept right and wrong and to make appropriate choices.

Reading this first in a series of books the readers will be able to see what being a ‘special’ person will be able to accomplish and reach various goals that one has to gain to understand why we do what we do.

The cover art of the book puts you in the mindset that this story could be a story of the pirates of old, but as you begin you will see what it is really about and now book two of the series is not far away.  This would be a good choice for a social studies/business discussion group.

The story shares similarities with the novel, Shadow and Bone, and is like a mixture of Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana JonesHarry Potterand Hunger games______________________________________________________________________________

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Traders of the South Seas is an exciting YA adventure story set in the modern day about a young man from around New Orleans who is forced into a futuristic, sci-fi world located near the South Seas, a world called the Traders Terminal—a ruthless, intricate world centered around the mining and exchange of a coveted, yet scarce, gem: minosium. This gem has an imponderable amount of potential energy and is able to power fascinating weapons, machinery, and more.

In order for the main character to join this secretive society to mine and trade minosium at the Traders Terminal, he must pass and survive the dangerous Series Trials, which is a collection of various unknown tasks that test his intelligence and fighting abilities against other fellow trainees, who all seek to obtain the revered Registered Extractor license. With this license, men and women may trade this sought-after gem at the Traders Terminal for riches and glory.

Join Christoph Swift in a grand adventure across the seas from islands of paradise to subterranean caverns in his attempt to join this secretive Traders Terminal. He will encounter dangerous trials, elusive enemies, and potential riches while uncovering the shrouded past of a family heirloom: an amulet with ancient markings of mystifying origins bizarrely tied to this impalpable Traders world

JAMES FARRIS writes inventive adventure stories steeped in science-fiction and romance, stories filled with twists and turns, unique perspectives, and complex mysteries. Farris currently resides in Mandeville, Louisiana, surrounded by his loving family. He is 26 years old, and  graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Journalism. He began his writing career during college, working on short films, short stories, and podcasts. After college,he formed a production company based out of New Orleans that specialized in film and marketing. Since then, he have been writing every day and working on his craft.

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