by Suzanne Lowe


Seventeen is a dystopian style novel for young adults and middle year children, set in the Australian countryside. It follows the story of two nteenage sisters, Lexi and Hadley, suddenly thrown into a life very different from one they grew up in. Imagine a world where everything you grew up with is gone. No television, no internet, no shopping centres, no adults. When a catastrophic virus kills everyone above the age of seventeen, life on earth suddenly becomes a whole lot different. In a world without adults and without rules, the sisters must choose who they can trust, and who is a threat.

Seeking sanctuary, the girls head to the small town of Jasper’s Bay, in the Western Australian countryside. They soon discover that the quiet looking town, is not as peaceful as it first seemed. The girls are abruptly thrown into a bitter conflict, leading to mistrust, betrayal and murder.

​                   In a world without adults and without rules, they must decide who they can trust before it’s too late.

How long could you survive in a world without adults?


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About the Author

                                 Suzanne Lowe

Suzanne LoweI was born in Perth Western Australia and as a young adult, grew up in the small country town of Tom Price in the outback of Western Australia. The summers were often very hot and dusty and I would spend my weekends with my friends, swimming in the cool water of the gorges, trying to escape the heat. As I grew to adulthood I traveled extensively throughout Australia and grew to love the very unique and diverse landscapes of the country. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree and am a keen photographer.

My favourite genres are definitely sci-fi and fantasy and I particularly enjoy watching movies and reading books with dystopian style scenarios. Some of my favourite authors include, John Marsden, Suzanne Collins, Anne Rice, Stephen Donaldson and of course J.K Rowling.

My novel, Seventeen, came about as I wanted to write a story for young adults that featured two sisters having to survive in a world that was suddenly vastly different from one they had grown up in. One without adults or any rules. This was a scenario that my own two teenage daughters would often discuss and theorise about at the dinner table.

I currently live in Perth with my husband, two teenage daughters and our cat Abby.

I am a member of the Society of children’s book writers and illustrators and the Australian Society of Authors. Seventeen is my first novel

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