Sandy Brehl
 MARI’S HOPE By  Sandy Brehl is book 3 in the Odin’s Promise Trilogy.  This is a historical fiction book for teen readers but this book would also be appropriate for adults.


Mari’s Hope takes place  in a small village in occupied western Norway in the final years of World War II.   The novel is told by Mari, a young teen who has the maturity of an adult.  She is the town doctor’s helper.   She also plays a role in her family’s efforts in the local resistance, despite ever-present dangers, especially from the snooping solider called Goatman and from Leif, her one-time school friend, now a German collaborator.  As the German war efforts falter, the pressure increases on the occupying troops to hold Norway firmly in their grip.  But freedom-loving Norwegians will do their best to thwart those plans.


I truly enjoyed this book.  This book was a true page turner that I finished in just a few hours.   I didn’t read the first two books in this trilogy but I was able to follow along with the plot fine.   This book reminded me a little of the Diary of Anne Frank.  Both books took place during the same time period of World War Two and had a young girl telling the story.   I like how the author used Mari as the main voice of the story.  Although Mari was only a teen, she was much wiser and mature beyond her years.  Mari was a brave, courageous and kind hearted teen who cared for her family and for the people of her village.  The village trusted and loved Mari as the doctor’s assistant.   She did indeed take to this time period with bravery and courage.   This book also made me appreciate our nations’ historical time and understand what the brave men and women had to endure during World War Two.  Through the eyes of Mari, you saw how the German soldiers were awful to the people and how their country of Norway was no longer their own.   As a reader, you saw how much anticipation, Mari and her people longed for their country to be their own one day again.   A great book!   This book belongs on a required reading list for middle to high schoolers.  The kids will not only learn about this historical time but will also enjoy the rich story line.   Adults too would enjoy this book, while learning about out nations’ history at the same time.  A must read!





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