Setting Your Reading Goals

How do you fit in time to read when your schedule is always full? That’s a question many people are asking these days as their free time seems more and more limited. Not only are busy schedules an issue, but it’s also challenging to prevent distractions when we’re able to carve a few moments out of the day for a book.

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The good news is it’s possible to set reading goals into your day without it affecting your to-do list. Whether you want to set a goal for reading so many books in a year or you just want to check out the latest best-seller, there are several simple ways you can make reading part of your daily routine. Ready to find something new to pore over? Check out the latest multi-genre projects and recommendations by Book Room Reviews.


Here are a few ways you can work reading into your day:

Utilize Digital Tools for Your Reading Routine

In today’s era of technology, it’s easier than ever to find what you need at the touch of a button, and that includes books. E-readers provide a simple way to keep up with your favorite books no matter where you are, and you can easily download new works whenever you’re in the mood for something different.


Because many ebooks are downloadable as PDFs, you can utilize digital tools to convert the file to your Kindle and read on the go. Simply connect your device to your computer via USB, or send the file to your device’s email. Then you can read it on your e-reader just as you would any other book.

You can also use a project management tool to track your daily activities, including reading. This tool is helpful whether you have shared goals with other readers or work team members or are working on your own. Just add the tasks, set reminders and deadlines, and see your reading progress grow!

Always Keep a Book with You

E-readers are also beneficial for readers who always seem to be on the go because they provide a way to bring along a lengthy book without physically carrying around a heavy, unwieldy item. This means you can always have something to read in your bag, which comes in handy when you’re stuck in a waiting room at the doctor’s office or waiting for your car to finish being serviced at the auto shop.


Paperbacks are also great for traveling to help achieve your reading goals because of their small size. Having a book with you at all times will help you reach for reading material rather than reaching your phone, which is beneficial in another way: it reduces the amount of time you spend scrolling on social media, which can positively affect your well-being and even your confidence.

Set Reading Goals by Participating in Challenges

Even with an e-reader or handy paperback, spending more time with a good book can still be challenging when you have a lot on your plate, especially if you view it as an expendable hobby. Consider setting some reading goals for the month or year, and look for challenges you can participate in that will help you meet those goals.


Not only will this allow you to connect with a supportive community of fellow readers, but it may also help you value reading a little more. It will also help you get organized, especially if you have a  long list of books you want to get to.

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Give Yourself a Dedicated Reading Spot

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Once you’ve set a few goals, it will be helpful to have a dedicated spot in which to read every day. Without it, you might find yourself trying to squeeze in your word goal while taking care of other things, and multitasking only causes distractions and decreases efficiency.


Having your own comfortable space to read in will ensure that you can focus, and it’s also a form of self-care that will help you lessen stress. Create an area with a supportive chair and great lighting that is free of devices and other distractions, and use it only for reading time to make the most of it.

Boost Your Reading Time

Finding more time to read can have many benefits, including elevating your vocabulary and helping you relax. By utilizing digital tools, including project management programs, and setting some reading goals, you can make time to read every day even when you have a busy schedule.

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