Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo

New Series – Part 1

By Dennis Kind and Wendel Kind


In the time between June 1476 and January 1478, nobody knows what happened to Leonardo da Vinci. His disappearance puzzles historians to this day—especially because after this hiatus, Leonardo conceived numerous revolutionary inventions and ideas, including a bridge that could only be built in the 21st century. Another was the unique design of a helicopter—450 years before it took flight. How did Leonardo know what the world was capable of centuries before its time?

This intriguing historical mystery is one of many that inspired couple Dennis and Wendel Kind to create an invigorating children’s tale with chapter-ending cliffhangers that combines friendship, art, and history in a gripping cultural quest. In an attempt to unveil the meaning of a 15th century codex filled with da Vinci’s sketches, calculations, and writings, a discovery made by a group of best friends tests their friendship and presents them with an impossible choice: reveal their secret to the world – and become millionaires – or put da Vinci’s extraordinary ideas to the test, risking their lives for a walk on the wild side. Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo is today’s version of The Goonies and The Da Vinci Code for the imaginations of young readers and teens to get lost in.

Secret Scouts and The Lost LeonardoThe authors have fond memories of the 1980s—a time when feel-good “friends for life” groups were common themes among favorite films and novels. To quote the authors themselves: “A unique feature of the Secret Scouts series is that the 80s-inspired, feel-good adventure stories are based on intriguing and strange facts from history, which make them very informative. But because fact and fiction intertwine in very realistic storylines, Secret Scouts is just as entertaining and easy to read as other well-known, accessible, and popular fantasy stories.”

Featuring ten full-color images from famous da Vinci artworks, anatomical sketches, and other discoveries throughout the book, readers will delve into this wonderland and come out with a newfound knowledge of art history, inventions, political milestones, historical mysteries, and much more. Although the stories are set both in the present and the past, the protagonists are very gadget-savvy… also in the 16th century! (Some apps really do work without a network!) They travel from Renaissance Florence to modern-day Venice and Paris, and in part 2 their adventures take them from Aachen to Los Altos and from Washington to Amsterdam, to name but a few of the far-flung destinations.

In addition to the friends’ extensive traveling and the mysterious disappearance of da Vinci, there are additional historical anomalies that drive the action of Secret Scouts:

  • The Invisible Angel—In da Vinci’s famous painting “The Annunciation,” the angel is inexplicably painted with unleaded paint. Because of this, the angel (unlike the rest of the painting) was invisible when historians examined the painting under X-Ray in their efforts to reveal older, underlying coats.

  • The Lost Leonardo—A painting by da Vinci is said to be hidden in the Palazzo Vecchio behind the Giorgio Vasari mural that stands there today. In March 2012 professor Maurizio Seracini and a team of experts found traces of The Lost Leonardo behind a double wall in the very same spot where da Vinci’s artwork was rumored to stand. However, the Italian authorities have prohibited further investigation. And to add even more mystery to the case: on the Vasari mural, 40 feet above the ground, a Florentine soldier waves a little green flag with the words ‘cerca trova’, which means ‘seek and you shall find’. Is this a sign?

  • Tim Cook discovers an iPhone in a 350-year-old painting—A recent discovery on May 23, 2016 by Tim Cook, the director of Apple, has led some people to believe there is evidence of time travel in historical artworks. In a painting dated to 1670 at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Cook openly admitted to having identified a figure holding an iPhone in the picture.

DENNIS and WENDEL KIND are a husband and wife duo with a passion for educational storytelling. Being parents themselves, they form a unique writing duo for children’s literature. They write from their home in Amsterdam where they live with their three young children. Fun fact about the authors: their last name “Kind” means “Child” in Dutch—so it’s no surprise their genre is children’s literature! They have been interviewed many times on TV and given presentations at children’s schools and libraries, and they love working with younger generations.

Learn more about Secret Scouts and Dennis and Wendel Kind online on, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Secret Scouts and The Lost Leonardo, part 1 of the new Secret Scouts series will be published in the U.S. on October 23, 2018.


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