by 3 time CALDECOTT medal winner David Wiesner
ISBN: 978-0-544-98731-9
Clarion Books
32 pages

What a difference a baby makes in a family no matter what kind of family that one belongs.  ‘Robobaby’ is a young children’s picture book that tells the story of Cathode, Sprocket and Manifold and the coming together to David Wiesnerhelp their parents prepare for the new member of the family- a Flange.  The whole family is involved in getting to know their new child and sibling and this is when the adventure begins.

 David Wiesner has written ‘Robobaby’ in the form of an early reader ‘graphic novel’ or even ‘comic book’ format.

It is a very creative way to get very young children interested in reading.  The illustrations were colorful and fun to follow along with the words.  Parents and teachers can get a lot of lessons out of this story.  Parents can share the book when telling their child that their are having a new baby and they will have a new brother or sister, and let the questions happen. A good introduction to what is a family.  Teachers could do this lesson as well if their teacher seems to be in the family way.  Teachers and parents can also introduce machine parts as flange, sprocket, cathode and manifold.

  After reading this children’s picture book David has earned his Caldecott award over the years of his writing.  My favorite parts of this story are when they were ‘putting Flange together’ and adaptations were made and the other was at the end with a surprise and what a surprise. I am hoping there could be a sequel to this picture book.

 A new baby’s arrival is a big moment in any family, even a family of robots. Award winner David Wiesner captures the excitement and fanfare when baby Flange appears–as a crate full of components. The adults bungle the process of assembling Flange, with catastrophic results. Big sister Cathy, with her handy toolbox and advanced knowledge of robotics and IT, hasn’t been allowed to help, but in the ensuing chaos she calmly clears up the technical difficulties and bonds with her new baby brother. A shout-out for girl scientists and makers, Robobaby is an eye-opening and engaging blend of the familiar and the fantastic.

About the Author

David Wiesner is internationally renowned for his visual storytelling and has won the Caldecott Medal three times—for TuesdayThe Three Pigs, and Flotsam—the second person in history to do so. He is also the recipient of three Caldecott Honors, for Free FallSector 7, and Mr. Wuffles. He lives near Philadelphia with his family.

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