The Sugar Story is an easy to understand story about the purpose

sugar has in nature and why too much sugar is bad for your body.

Yeah folks just about all of us love Sugar. Such a sweet guy! We find him hiding in Chocolate,Cookies,Candies, Cakes. Some of us even load him up in our coffee and tea. Yes we all love the guy. But of course we also are all well aware that too much of a good thing could quite frankly be a bad thing . Wait! What?  Yes too much Sugar is definitely Bad for you. Which brings us to a new children’s book By author Emelie Kamp.

 Emelie , a  Nutritional Counselor & Wellness Coach has taken it upon herself to teach children in a very fun way about the real story of SUGAR ..

The Sugar Story


The Sugar Story is a super fun book with a very easy to understand message. Eat Healthy.


Sugar tells you about all the superpowers of his friends, the fruits and vegetables of every color. How Carrots can make your eyes strong, Broccoli can help the ol’ brain and Raspberries help keep that heart of yours beating strong.sugar

That’s not all the cool little book has to offer.Just to make it a little more fun it’s even got some yummy recipes you can make with the kids  and of course the adorable veggie illustrations will keep the kiddies tuned in. If you visit Emile’s website you will find a few printable coloring pages too along with games and more healthy recipes.

Check out to learn more about Emilie  and her quest to educate kids in developing healthy eating habits. You can also visit her Facebook page I’m sure she would appreciate a “LIKE” and you can buy the book on Amazon


Emelie Kamp is  a wellness coach and a nutritional counselor. She founded a health web shop in Sweden where she sold and created products to make healthy living easier. She also started a health center in Stockholm where they developed health programs that made it easy for their clients to start living healthy. She continues to consult with companies on how to make their products healthier and expand their business in the health market.


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