Read a Thon Hour 15

Read a Thon Hour 15

What I ate:  chicken and pasta, now I have some chocolate and licorice lined up for later.  How about you?

What I read:  Still reading same book (hang head in shame)  100 pages.  More mystery and a death!

What I did besides read:  Ate supper, spent time with hubby and kids, put littlest one to bed,  took a bath, Now I’m settled in to read for a while. 

How I’m feeling:  chugging away!  You keep chuggin too!


  1. Yumm that sounds good! i wish we had a doggie:(

  2. I think I’m enjoying your food updates more than anything!

  3. You can do it!

    (My sweetie made me chili and then let me have the rest of the bag of lime tortilla chips *and* bought me a root beer. I think it’s love…)

  4. Well done on getting so far!

  5. Chicken and pasta sounds so yummy right now. After seeing everyone’s posts I’m having major food envy 😉 Great picture minichallenge, by the way. My brain isn’t functioning enough, though, for me to be clever…

  6. You’re too funny. Chocolate sounds good though. I just made my way through a cinnamon bun, just what I need is some chocolate. lol. I’m snuggling with the dog and I’m reading blogs and books.

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